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Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by N Gauger, Jan 31, 2005.

  1. sonic_hardman

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    A Cybernetics Approach to Railway Management

    I am a student at the University of Bradford studying BSc Cybernetics.

    For my final project I am going to make a model railway like no other in existence.

    To view the proposal, add comments or make suggestions about things i havent considered, visit:

    Thanks :)
  2. Matthyro

    Matthyro Will always be re-membered

    Welcome to the Gauge Nick. What you are proposing is fascinating but way over my abilities. Good luck to you.
  3. sonic_hardman

    sonic_hardman New Member

    A Cybernetics Approach to railway management

    If you follow the link again, there are now comments from 4 lecturers from the University of Bradford's Dept of Cybernetics.

    A Cybernetics Approach to railway management

    I will keep you posted of any progress I make.

    The completion date for this project is May 2006

  4. Summit

    Summit Member

    I have to put in a plug for both of my websites... - website featuring the McCloud River Lumber Company, McCloud River Railroad Company, and McCloud Railway Company. Perhaps far more than any sane person needs to know about this railroad in these pages. - website featuring the railroads of Oregon's High Desert country, stretching from the eastern base of the Cascades to the Idaho border. So far the railroad covered are the Union Railroad of Oregon, Condon Kinzua & Southern, Union Pacific, Oregon & Northwestern, Oregon Eastern Division of the Wyoming/Colorado Railroad, and Malheur Railroad. The others listed on the front page will be added through time as I am able to build and upload the pages.

    Thanks for looking.

    Jeff Moore
    Elko, NV
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  10. SF247

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    Model Trains Depot

    It's my site, and im just starting out and intrested in getting more members. It's for all scale's and includes some Layout Examples, Helpful advice, and other stuff. Just check out the site of your intrested.
  11. Loggingkid

    Loggingkid New Member

    where did you get your trees???
  12. SF247

    SF247 New Member

    I got them at a local nursery. They had some minatures in stock, so it was really cool to see something like them. I recommend them to anyone who is looking for a good country style minature tree.
  13. loggeron30

    loggeron30 New Member

    Hi all,
    I have just set up my website for my On30 Logging railroad. It is based in the 1930's era. Thank you for taking the time to visit. Ken
  14. N Gauger

    N Gauger 1:20.3 Train Addict

    That's Cool!! :) :)
  15. b28_82

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  16. N Gauger

    N Gauger 1:20.3 Train Addict

  17. CSX

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  18. modelsof1900

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  19. ross31r

    ross31r Member

    shame i cant read german then!
  20. modelsof1900

    modelsof1900 Member

    Hi Roos,
    I think you must not shame if you not can understand German written websites. I think also that many peoples have never had an oppertunity to learn a foreign language. We in Germany especially in East Germany visiting a school in times of iron curtain we all must learn Russian and only Russian. Only in times when I studied I have had opportunity to learn English - while a half year only. Und you see my English is not very good or you can say also that is a really bad English. From time to time my texts are edited from my son and I'm sure you read the differences.
    Years ago as I started with my interests in American railroading and model railroading I have enjoyed to see - not to read - american railroad magazines - only pictures were that what I have understand. With second or third magazin I understand words like brass or steam engine. And so from time to time I have could translate a few more words of English language. But speaking in English or American?
    Each of all peoples of the world has especially ability and each of peoples lives after its requirements. I think understanding of German isn't such an requirement. But I think my friend's website is one best in Germany and with most extensive informations also when texts are written in German. Enjoy to see the pictures!

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