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    This is the spot (mile 12 on both the Windsor and Strathroy Subdivisions) where CP has been diverting trains 534/535 on to the CN.
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    Thanks D&H [​IMG] Cool picture..where exactly is this location?

    Drew [​IMG]
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    Ya remember my shot of the Big Mac 9141 running solo on train 500?

    Melrose is west of there, couple miles out, where the CN Strathroy and CP Windsor subs cross, has only been in service a few months actually.

    Its here in my area, just outside of Komoka Ontario.

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    Thanks for posting that D&H , now I know where the CP Trains we get come from [​IMG]
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    Thanks Jon [​IMG]

    Drew [​IMG]
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    Great shot, and thanks for sharing it with us!

    What kind of unit do we see the nose of in the lower right hand corner?


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