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    I know a lot of you have to love sharks, especially big sharks, especially prehistoric Megalodons. so here is a link to a entertaining youtube. I have heard of 40 foot whites in south Africa, and where I used to live in anuo Nuevo California. they become beached, chasing after elephant seals. the coastline is very deep and then goes shallow fast. the tides can go out super fast.

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    Serves them well. Then the small Sharks come up and start burrowing into the bigger Shark, probably finding some frightened seals, which thy eat too. Probably the equivalent of Civet cat coffee beans, which are force fed to the Civet cats and produces some of the most expensive coffee in the world. Hmmm, partially digested Seals, a Shark's delight!!

    Next time you have a "Cup o Joe", and think, this tastes like shit, one of these may be the culprit!! (I'll take the Cat Poop Coffee" ) :) :



    Or this:

    Friendly waitress serving-a hot cup-of coffee for you.jpg
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    I have heard of that, I thought it was monkees tho, I will inform my friend who told me!!!
  4. zathros

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    No, it is Civet Cats. Not to say there isn't a competing monkey-Shit Coffee competitor. People try all kinds of crazy shit out there. Who was the first guy to think, "Hmmm, I'm going to grind out the beans this cat just crapped out, can't be any worse that my wife's! :)
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    Those were the ones that ate Nessy. :D ;)
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    it just seems so,....ROMAN.
  7. zathros

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    The guys who thought about eating cat-turd beans first, those are the kind of people ate "Nessy"? Yeah, I could believe that. Must have been good, they even ate the bones! :)
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