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Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by shiftdel, Oct 30, 2007.

  1. blaar

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    And last but not least. Here is a family pic showing the size of the Mauler ...

    What does a scat and catapult do when they see a Mauler .....

    RUN , LIKE , HELL ....

    @ CJTK1701 - thnx for your compliments. You realy should build some of these. they are awesome.

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  2. shiftdel

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    WOW!!!! Really impressive build, even with joints!!! :thumb:

    Thanks again for beta testing it for me, any other issue besides the ones that you pointed before?
  3. blaar

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    Thanks shiftdel. It was a pleasure and realy nice to build this for you.

    No. There were no other problems and all went smooth. Only other thing you might want to look into is the knee joints. I think it will be tricky to make it move'able (jointed). Will it be possible to split it up. I don't know. Perhaps split it into 3 pieces. Two side pieces and one base. Almost like you did with the vulture. Maybe even release it as an optional part so if the builder desides to make move'able joints he can make use of the other set of knee joints. (I am still curious on how you are going to make the hip joints work.)

    That is all I can come up with now. More optional detail parts would be nice. Perhaps on the rear vents on the shoulders. Think it will look nice if you make it that you cut out the vents on the should and then stick a optional detail part from the inside. Hard to explain but it will work similiar to how you would make the holes for joints. So you will end up with a vent that seems to have depth. But that is a bit to much for now. I think a builder can easily make this himself. MIght try it myself and even perhaps try to give the burrels on the arms some depth.

    Sweet model once again shift.
  4. Gearz

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    Hey shiftdel.. I hadn't built a mech before, so your Vulture convinced me to have a go at one ~ Nicely developed model!. This was a speed build ( my excuse for sloppy cuttin' N foldin') and yet the model went together beautifully, thanks for your effort.

    * I'd like to make one suggestion. I'm totally unfamiliar with most mech designs, so without a separate /graphic assembly guide, I had to rely pretty heavily on the PEP file for part placement. It would have been handy if I could have turned off more of the adjacent [objects] in the 3D panel of PEP ~ so guys like me can have a better view of individual parts. err.. that is to say, move some of the adjacent parts to new [objects] before importing the mesh to PEP.. hope that made sense?. Are you using Metasequoia ?

    The attached pics are a bit hard on the eye sorry + my crappy little camera is way past its use by date..

    vulture1.jpg This is the idea I wanted to experiment with ~ sort of a NV / IR look to a model. ~ I didn't really like the way the textures worked out ~ requires lots more experimenting ~ I think a uniform texture would probably be a better base to try with.

    vulture2.jpg The model as it looks on the shelf. ~ I just negatived your original textures, then monochromed them to Black ~ through green ~ to white. * In hindsight, I should have converted the black to dark green or removed it completely from the palette.

    Excellent work Shiftdel, think I've got the mech bug now !!

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  5. shiftdel

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    Thanks for the feedback Blaar, very useful, I already think about optional parts for it, although I didn't for the part you suggested (nice idea!!).

    Hey, Gearz, I'm honored that you chose to build one of my mechs, I'm a fan of your modelling work!!

    Nice interesting color scheme you've chose...

    About building, I'm finishing a set of assembly instructions, with views of each part separatelly, although it is taking forever to finish :(

    Anyway, for the ones which still lacks instructions (sadly all of them), if you want to build another, just drop me a PM and I wil send you the mesh, it will make things easier, I guess. And yes, I made it in Metasequoia.
  6. Gearz

    Gearz Member

    Thanks shiftdel. Yep.. the assembly guides can be a pain, I probably spend more time on mine than the models themselves. However, I recon your models deserve it, they are great designs.

    How are you going about making the AG's 3D gfx ? or build photo's ?
  7. shiftdel

    shiftdel Member

    Sorry about my ignorance, but what is AG's 3D gfx ?

    I'm using Pepakura to create the assembly guide, I split the parts to look like an exploded view...

    Something like this:

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  8. shiftdel

    shiftdel Member

  9. Millenniumfalsehood

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    So is your Novacat done yet? I'm most interested in it!
  10. blaar

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    WoW shiftdel, you are full of surprises. Out of the blue you pulled this model and surprised us. Thnx once again for sharing. I was wondering what to build next after my Luftwaffe Vulture and now I know.

    Any chance you can do the uller in the Warpaint scheme.:thumb:

    Once again. Awesome, Awesome work.
  11. shiftdel

    shiftdel Member

    Thanks again Blaar.

    Warpaint, you said? Sure!! When I arrive home late this night I will post the skin :D

    This is one of my favorites camos of MW4 :D
  12. shiftdel

    shiftdel Member

    It is mostly done, I already corrected all building issues found on beta testing and now I just need to do the Pepakura work (the worst boring part).

    By lack of time it can take some days to finish.
  13. shiftdel

    shiftdel Member

    I did start beta building my Cougar... the cockpit area, as expected, is very hard to build...

    I'll post pics as soon I recharge my digital camera batteries...
  14. blaar

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    Thnx shift. I will be awaiting the warpaint scheme. No rush though. I know you have alot to do.
  15. shiftdel

    shiftdel Member

    Thanks for remember me, I simply forgot to upload it yesterday, sorry :)

    It is a BMP file, so it's big.

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  16. blaar

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    Thnx alot shiftdel. Can't wait to start on this. My "new" jointed vulture is only halfway done. Must remain patiant and don't rush .... :)
  17. CJTK1701

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    Am I missing something here? I got this e-mail update and I look and it's not here and the member doesn't exist....?

    ---Quote (Originally by shiftdel)---
    Shadowcat and Catapult. No pics of the finished models, as I didn't have time to build them for myself (other people did although) ;)
    ---End Quote---

    Hey guys sorry i am kinda new at this. i finaly got my shadowkitty together, lol, see pics down below. some of things i wasn't quite sure on: i used card stock paper. tape and a glue stick to hold the pieces together. and i had a hard time on the joints that i just ran a straw through the torso for the leg joints? if you guys can help me out on the procedure i used to put this together let me know:mrgreen:

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  18. shiftdel

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    Something wrong with your e-mail update, that post was posted long ago on this thread...

    Nice Shadowcat. About the joints, are you planning to make them movable? Not sure if the straw will be strong enough to support the mech weight and the stress. However, chicken legged mechs have a problem with stability and weight, and even with my method described below, the leg joint may be weak.

    I use to use a cylinder (you can use the optional shadowcat cylinder part of the leg/hip joint), which I glue on the leg joint.

    To make the socket for the joint, I just roll a piece of cardstock over my cylinder joint (at least twice, to have a strong part), trying to get a tight joint between them, then I mark the edge of the rolled cardstock with a pen, so I can separate it from the cylinder, in order to glue it to form the socket (is it sounding clear?). Ideally, the socket would be as large as the size of the hip, from side to side, in order support the weight better.

    This done, just glue the socket passsing throght the holes that you opened at the both sides of the hip. After dry, you can test you joint into the socket, if it is too flimsy, you can wrap a tape around the cylinder joint to make it more tight.

    Hmmm, glue stick is not the best option to glue, at least the ones that I tried were not, they didn't hold the cardstock well. I prefer to use white glue, which dries slowl, allowing for adjust while drying.
  19. CJTK1701

    CJTK1701 Banned

    I thought it was something weird.

    BOT the one in the pic above, is that the one you're making now?

    I tried to play Mech Warrior on an older system, but never did get into the interface much. Were there later games that were more intuitive and easier to play? It could have been the system I was on, then again, it could have been me. LOL
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    sorry guys i dont know what is wronge with myaccount

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