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Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by shiftdel, Oct 30, 2007.

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    All right, gentlemen. Brace yourselves, for here goes my Novacat test build. Shiftdel was kind enough to allow me test build this baby. So far i've finished legs, torso and upper body. Since it is a test build, there are no instructions, only .pdo file as reference. Which is enough in most cases. I had some problems with upper body, but this might be due to size. You see, i decided it was smart to print 4 pages of details per A3 sheet (i happened to have quite a few A3 sheets of 160gm3 paper). And i did... only to find, that parts were printed even smaller. Don't know if it is the pinter, or the older Pepakura Viewer (i use it because it doesn't need to be installed and thus can be run from portable drive on my office computer). So, i had 4 "pages" per sheet, with parts taking up about two thirds of the "page". Oh well...
    The whole thing stands about 11cm tall and i imagine it will not be much taller, since there are only shoulders and head (quite small one) left. I displaced right leg a bit and twisted torso so that my Novacat would have more dynamic look. Sorry for the quality of pictures, i tried to keep the size down. And remember, this is a test build, don't be too hard on me.

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  2. When are these going to be released for public consumption?
    I really need new mechs to build.:thumb:
  3. shiftdel

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    Oh man!! 11 cm? Mine is going to have 24 or 25 cm and I think that some small parts are too tiny to be built (and I don't have fat fingers)!!

    Great build so far, congratulations :thumb:
  4. shiftdel

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    I hope soon, I'm finishing my beta of this model, and if I don't find many errors to be corrected, it will be just a matter of creating a sort of instructions (the worst part), and release the model.
  5. Kjev

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    Be too hard on you for what? It looks fine to me.

    Can't wait to build it!

  6. ColdDawg

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    that is pretty sweet. But hey, do you want to know where you can find an MW MMORPG that isn't web based?

    check it out!
  7. shiftdel

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  8. mOONwOKA

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    Novacat is finished. Actually, i glued last bits yesterday, but decided to do some touch-ups on the most wisible scoring and folding lines. I also punched out holes for PPC and laser barrels and inserted sections of rolled paper to add some depth. The model stands 117mm tall and has the honour to be first model i've done this year. Overall building was mostly straight forward, although there were few frustrating moments and i've made quite a few mistakes. Even so, finished model looks every bit a Novacat. I think, for someone, who has some experience with Pepakura and models, made with Pepakura, and who is a bit more patient than myself, this model shuld pose no big problems.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    I wanted model of a Novacat for many years and now i have it - many thanks, Shiftdel.
  9. shiftdel

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    Great build mOONwOKA!!!

    I think you deserves at least a medal for building it at so small size!!!

    I hope I can finish mine till the end of the next week...
  10. Stev0

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    Cool... Now you only have the rest of the 3050 Readout Manual to go.


    j/k =P
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    Hey all....I'm finally back up and running. I've been out of the loop for awhile because I went home on leave and also there was damage to the underwater fiber optic cable that supplies internet to us, so a lot of sites were blocked to allow better movement of official message traffic. Thanks to everyone who has sent model files to me also. I have a new email address as well. It is: feel free to contact me at that address at any time. My old email address is no longer valid. As soon as I get the time I will post pics of my Mad Cat and get the mechs built that shiftdel and others have sent to me.

  12. shiftdel

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    Just a small update, I finished the texture job on my Uller, the worst till now to texture, due to its awful original texture.

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  13. shiftdel

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  14. Awesome!!!!! Could ya please release the ones ya have done??? PLEASE I am dying out here!!!!!

  15. shiftdel

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    I did it, all models done were released, I'm still working on a lot of models, but none are ready to be released yet. I hope I can fix that soon ;)
  16. OhioMike

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    Was Novacat released??? Must of missed it!
  17. shiftdel

    shiftdel Member

    Not yet, I just need to finish my beta build of it, I hope I can do it till the end of the next week. After that, minor adjustments and corrections before releasing.
  18. doc_harvey

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    Thanks very, very much shiftdel! Great models!
  19. Kjev

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    Ok, I'll wait patiently for the Novacat.

    Does anyone have a model of the Mad Cat MK II? It's my favorite Novacate hunter.

  20. CJTK1701

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    Great work shiftdel. I'm just starting to get into Mecha and Gundam.:thumb:

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