Mechwarrior 4 Mechs

Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by shiftdel, Oct 30, 2007.

  1. ThunderChild

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    As always, great work Blaar!
  2. GM1983

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    Thanks for these! My 12yr old has been wanting to make some mechs for awhile and this should work :mrgreen:
  3. blaar

    blaar Member

    Yet another model I wanted for so long and yet another one I have stolen from the great master shiftdel. Sorry about that shiftdel.

    The Templar has been a long time fav for me, and also for many other of the paper model community. It has been requested many a time. A while back a member over at asked me if I could do a special request for him since he would like to make a plastic / resin Templar I thought it was time to get working on it since it was long over due.
    I released the paper model a while back but never posted anywhere that I have done so. It is good to see many lurkers around who frequently visit my download page and I see even here it has some downloads.

    I rushed through the built because I really want to start building the Dervish so I did a quick built during last week and over the long weekend. This model has fewer parts 55 or so compared to the usual 70 odd parts of other MW4 paper model mechs and was a easy built hardest part perhaps the cockpit window, not that it is tricky or anything.

    Oky, so onto the built pics.







  4. Millenniumfalsehood

    Millenniumfalsehood Active Member

    That doesn't look like a rush-job to me. :thumb:
  5. c_furuti

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    Nice build, and thanks a lot. I'm committed to another WIP, otherwise I'd start the printer right now.
  6. Dunkel

    Dunkel New Member

    Very nice Blaar, it's a marvelous job.
  7. shiftdel

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    You don´t need to say sorry, I am not the owner of the models, you can make anyone that you want. I cannot blame you, even more because you already helped me a lot in the past beta building some models.

    However, on this case I will still release my version someday (of course it now lost its urgency), as I already spent a lot of time and effort cleaning my model, I do not want all that to be wasted again.

    Congrats again for another great build model, its amazing how you can find time to build so many models, and still release your stuff.
  8. blaar

    blaar Member

    Thank you shiftdel.

    The trick is in using Google Sketchup. I initially tried Meta but never could figure out how to use it, and making sense of all those lines and triangle made my head spin. When I finally managed to import the models into sketchup, and export it again properly to pepakura it all was clear as daylight and easy to do. I can now clean a mech model in about two days (about 5 hours a day) and do the unfold the next day. So yeah, if I really push it I can do a model in about 3 days start to finish.

    Of coarse building it is another thing. That part takes me two weeks LOL
  9. briannetgirl

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    So...How is it all the paper Mechwarriors in the world out there haven't done a Dougram Hasty Ironfoot?? I am an Old woman now, but Having played a LOT of Battletech in the mid-late 80s and it boggles my mind that no one has turned their monitors to the neatest 80s Mecha of them all! I've been hunting high and low for one...
    My dream, the Entire 3025 Tech Manual in 1/72ish paper!
  10. Kjev

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    Not too familiar with the Dougram names. What did they call it in Battletech?

    Slightly off-subject, but many older players will probably remember the Harmony Gold-FASA war that brought about the end of many of the 3050 mechs, like the classic Wasp, Stinger, Warhammer, Archer, and of course, my personal favorite, the Marauder.

    With that in mind, I was playing "Empires and Allies" on Facebook the other day, and came across the items shown below to build some building or other. What caught my eye was the Action Figure you're supposed to hound your friends for.

    Do you suppose Harmony Gold will go after Zynga? Or will they wait 'til Facebook's stock tanks through the floor, buy up Facebook, and take out Zynga that way?

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    Anything that would lead to Facebook going belly up has my support. I am so sick of the people that have inserted themselves back into my life through my wife's Facebook account. People and relatives I worked hard to get away from and now are back. I know all the options exist for blocking these people, but of course, it is then digitally encoded forever that you blocked a person out of your life and the years of subtle changes that you would normally use to allow space and time to do it, are usurped, by Facebook. IMHO :)
  12. Kjev

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    I am only friends on FB with people I physically know. If I haven't seen your face in Realville, I don't friend you, and I don't friend everyone I know. Most of my relatives and my wife's, are not my friends. (She's got 60+ first cousins)

    And I have no qualms about blocking someone. Like my ex girlfriend from college. Blocked her before she ever found me. I also keep my privacy settings pretty strict.

    And I gotta admit, I thought the whole IPO thing was hilarious. I mean really, what DOES Facebook produce? And how often does the average INTELLIGENT person click on any ads? I prefer to block them, and mark them all as "Offensive," or "Sexually Explicit," just to screw with marketing.:mrgreen:

    OK, we're WAY off topic here...
  13. LordPuki

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    I'm not 100% positive but I think she might be referring to the Thunderbolt. But in any case, in regards to the original "Unseen" Mechs there have been a number of kits devoted to the Macross designs, but very few to the Dougram inspired Mechs. Which is a shame really.
  14. Kjev

    Kjev Member

    I'd forgotten the T-Bolt. Even though I have one of the Citytech plastic minis. I added an axe from some Games Workshop Space Moron, just to give it a little extra edge (pun intended).

    It is a shame the Dougram 'mechs get neglected.
  15. blaar

    blaar Member

    I did release a Project Phoenix T-bolt a while back .......

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  16. LordPuki

    LordPuki New Member

    I remember seeing an image of the Thunderbolt among the designs by Whammy that had not yet been converted to paper on the Mechwarrior 3 craft forum but so far no word if it has been finished or not.
  17. blaar

    blaar Member

    I contacted Whammy a while back (think it was April 2012) and he was about to send me some of his models but he disappeared. Hopefully I can get in contact with him again, I would really love to work on the DA Marauder he made.
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    how download this model salvage mech
    I like this mech
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