Mechwarrior 4 Mechs

Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by shiftdel, Oct 30, 2007.

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    the Battlemaster looks wicked!
  3. shiftdel

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    Whammy's Battlemaster is already finished and unfolded, I'm just waiting the feedback from a beta builder to correct (if necessary) and release it.
  4. shiftdel

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    I did finish all cleaning on MW4 original Zeus, now it is ready to start unfolding.

    It was harder to unfolding than I thought, if I didn't have discovered the boleean functions on Metasequoia, it certainly would take much more time to clean, and the result would not be so good.

    This one is a static version, I will make some extra parts to allow movable parts too.

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  5. Stev0

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    Nice job on the Zeus. One of my favorites.

    When I used to play in a campaign, it's what I had.
  6. shiftdel

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    Better saying, I didn't discover the boleean functions on Meta, Nothing pointed it in his tut here in the forum ;)
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    Ohhhhhh my little infantry are just going to love that bugger. My brother's won't though. Heh heh heh.

    I've always liked the Zeus in sort of a 'fugly' way. But it's still an awesome job Shiftdel.
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    hey guys i am back, lol

    hey guys, i am back from a tour of Afghanistan, and i am not scheduled to go back till 2010 sometime, soo now i can make and build more mechs, thank god, lol when i got back all of my models, had dust on them, i forgot how fun it was to build these things, can you guys tell me most of the mechs that are out now?, soo i can get to building, lol
  10. Kjev

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    Thank you. No matter what anyone else says, thank you very much, and welcome home!

    I have a fairly good-sized collection of models I can share. What are you looking for?
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    welcome back 70, and just as Kjev said, THANK YOU. not to sidetrack but what was your job over there?
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    I am Tied In Infantry for the 2nd Armored and 197th BDE, we did patrols, "Basically we were police" we had a couple of run ins here and there, but nothing major. but im just glad to be back, lol
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    Welcome Home!

    Thank You for doing a hard and dirty job.
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    Blaar, every contribution is important, this thread is about mechwarrior mechs, not just my stuff ;)

    Thanks for share your hard work!!
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    Duplicated post, sorry...
  18. Hey Blaar just downloaded your Thanatos and it is great!
    I am a little worried about the feet being a little small to support this lovely model. How do they hold up? The rest is great and look forward to seeing more of your work.

  19. Welcome home haught70 and THANK YOU for all that you do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. blaar

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    Actually the model does fall over........sorry.........but the feet is how the original should look like..........I suppose I can make another set say 10% bigger but I am not sure if it would look in scale.

    I changed the lower legs and feet of the model. Looks better now and should stand up. I uploaded it to my page.

    Thanks for you kind words.

    @ shifty.......well........just call me young paddawan, master !!! ;)

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