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    Hi all

    I'm posting some of the stuff that I'm working during the last months. I'm releasing several Mechwarrior 4 Mechs in a consistent scale (1/40). Here it is the ones already released.

    Sorry for the FileFront link, It's not the best one, but it's free and keep the models forever...

    shiftdel41 Profile, shiftdel41 Details -

    On my folder you will find a Catapult, Vulture, and Shadowcat models, plus some skin sets for the Vulture, upgrade parts for the Shadowcat, and a set of joints to make movable joints for the mechs.

    All of them are in PDO files, with no password, so one can edit the models to make them bigger or smaller or change the way that I unfold them :)

    The last pic shows the Vulture parts, it has rotating chin turret and guns, arms, and torso, as well as removable legs...

    Mauler is still in the works...

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  2. shiftdel

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    Shadowcat and Catapult. No pics of the finished models, as I didn't have time to build them for myself (other people did although) ;)

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  3. Those are wonderful shiftdel, thank you so much for making them available. I'm building your Catapult mech at the moment - very impressive. Artfully done skin, and it's going together well. I have completed the head so far. What is that great big guy standing next to the Vulture? Maybe that is the Mauler. If so, the name is appropriate. For some reason I really get a kick out of building mechs . I don't understand why - I'm not even a gamer - too old and slow. After building the 3 mechs from the dreamwiz site I was fired up enough to buy and read the initial Battletech trilogy, which I enjoyed immensely. Anway, I'm having fun building the Catapult, I've already downloaded the others in your 1/40 series, and I'm looking forward to your next project.
  4. shiftdel

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    Yes, it is the Mauler, I still need to redesign the parts for the torso, I could not get a easy way to build it...

    Interestingly the same happen to me :) I got caught by the dreamwiz mechs too, caught enough to own a copy of MW4 game and starting looking desperatelly for more paper mechs to build :D

    Actually I was looking for a MW4 Shadowcat, but as I found none, I started modelling my own... and learning 3D modelling in the process...

    I hope you enjoy buiding my models, the next ones will be Novacat (which I already printed to start building a beta) and Hellhound...
  5. Millenniumfalsehood

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    Nice 'Mechs, Shiftdel! I have a bunch of Battlemechs for Pepakura that I got here a long time ago(at least I think it was here). I'll suppliment my existing collection with your 'Mechs. :thumb:

    I actually got into building 'Mechs way back in the late ninties. I was viewing a site with a bunch of lego 'Mechs and I just got hooked. :)
  6. shiftdel, you mentioned the possibility of resizing your models in your initial post. Is it possible to resize with Pepakura viewer for printing, or is the full designer required?
  7. Gomidefilho

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    I am very happy that you have shown his excellent work for the community. Nor I need to say it as I like her work.

    Now I am building Vulture in the scale 1/40, the model is excellent. I only modified Skin...


  8. Janx

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    Thats my weekend accounted for, ty for the models they look great.
  9. shiftdel

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    Thanks Millennium, I think we all got hooked by battlemechs, after all they are sooooo cool :D
  10. shiftdel

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    Wow Gomide!! great build as always!! Very good choice of camo, this is one that I like most...
  11. shiftdel

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    I'm not sure, I suppose that you will need the Designer to resize the model. If you got the older version of the designer (I'm using the older one), you can resize it and save the template as BMP. The newer I read that it saves with watermarks everywere.

    If many people asks for another size (the detail on my models won't be allow a much smaller size, though) I can release them on another popular size.

    I guess that the popular scale of 1/60 would be too tiny for some models, as the Novacat, that I'm going to release soon. It has too many small details that would be impossible to build on smaller scales.
  12. Millenniumfalsehood

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    You could transfer it to a PDF and that would allow re-sizing. Heck, even just pushing the "Print Screen" button and MSPaint would do the trick as Paint allows you to scale the page.

    Are you planning on doing a Blood Asp? I ask because I think it would be a neat project to paint one as a football player, since it looks a lot like a linebacker from the front: big, muscular body, arms outstretched, and hardly any neck at all. :wink:
  13. shiftdel

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    The advantage of resizing it on Pepakura is that you can resize it to a specific scale, if you want a 1:60 scale model you would need just to change the size of the model, by example, the Vulture, to 16.6 cm (in 1:40 it has 24 cm), with PDF, will be necessary to calcule the percentage of reduction, and it could be harder to do.

    Anyway, I already released a PDF version of my Vulture, I have it on this site: Paper Make iT ! (TM) - Downloads | Member Free Projects | Robots

    About the Blood Asp, sadly it is not on my future plans, although I like the design too, but I could not find a way to make the MekPak works on my PC, so I can't get the reference screen shots to model it.
  14. Paragon

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    Awesome! I've been looking for some good Mechwarrior models for awhile now!
  15. JackFrost

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    Thanks Shiftdel !! Nice job,:thumb: always loved the mek stuff , will definitely add these to my "wish" list of "spare time " things sign1
  16. Millenniumfalsehood

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    True, but with a little math it's possible to derive a specific scale with either a PDF or Paint, or at least something close to the desired scale. I do it all the time when I make templates for scratchbuilding in plastic.

    No problem on the Blood Asp. maybe it ould be good to wait until they release Mechassault to the PC(if they ever do), as the Blood Asp model they made for that game is very good.
  17. Cuthbert

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    The Catapult looks great. I'm new to paper modeling and looking for something interesting to try. This looks like a good project.

    Thanks Shiftdel
  18. shiftdel

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    Thanks for your kind words. I think Catapult would be the best for starting on paper modelling, because except by the head, the rest will be easy to build (I guess).
  19. shiftdel

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    I created some optional wider parts for my Catapult model, based on the feedback from beta testers, that found the leg/ankles joint too weak to support the model weight.

    I widened a bit those parts, however, the original MW4 model has thin joints, so I will keep my model the way it is, and include the wider parts as an optional set.

    Below you can see how the new parts look like, I also included extra parts, to add more detail in some areas and reinforce the leg/ankles joint.

    I will upload this set soon on my FileFront page...

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