Mechanical pencil for scoring?

Discussion in 'Tools of the Trade' started by TXVanguard, Apr 7, 2009.

  1. TheBlueRoseKnight

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    I had been using a pocket knife for scoring, but I got tired of pulling it out of my pocket all of the time, so I switched to a dead ballpoint pen. My only problem with that is making a straight line...

    These are some great ideas, I'll have to do some shopping in the near future!
  2. MonkeyRum

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    I use a Kemper ball stylus. The balls are fixed at the end and it has a fine one at one end and a slightly larger at the other. Plus their under a few bucks.


    For making straight lines run it down the side of a ruler.
  3. RickTNRebel

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    "scoring" in card modeling can be confusing. Sometimes it means to cut into, but not all of the way thru, the cardstock. This is usually done on the OUTSIDE of the bend radius. Sometimes "scoring" means to compress the cardstock in a fine thin line on the INSIDE of the bend radius. I think this should be re-named "creasing" to eliminate confusion. I sometimes use a "glass cutter" to crease the inside of my folds. These are small tools used by folks who work in glass to score the suface, causing the glass to break cleanly. It has a tiny wheel on the end that "rolls" and doesn't damage the card surface or finish at all. I also use bone, styli and old #11 blades.

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