Me 323 Gigant(Giant) diorama in 1/160

Discussion in 'Dioramas & Displays' started by Lepercan, Aug 22, 2008.

  1. Lepercan

    Lepercan Member

    The bird is 21 inches wide and about 9 inches long. About "N" scale. Everything but the figures (Prieser) and trees/bushes (scratch from twigs, etc) is paper.

  2. sergiotang95

    sergiotang95 Member

    Nice build! I love the diorama! Where did you get the Me 323?
  3. Lepercan

    Lepercan Member

    Fiddlers Green. All the vehicles came from FG Except the trailer the V2 is on and the ambulance box. I scratched them.
  4. cdavenport

    cdavenport Member

    Lepercan, please take this post as the show of admiration and respect for your work that it is intended to be.

    This is what your photo looks like after some image processing. I copied it from your online file and processed it through Microsoft's "Picture It" software, nothing fancy; comes with my Gateway computer package. It took me all of 30 seconds to copy your image, run it through the software with some eyeballing of my own.

    Check your camera's instruction booklet. If you are shooting digital, you need to check your auto white balance settings (AWB). That image looks as if it was shot under fluorescent light, hence the green tint. You can probably correct this with the camera itself.

    Good luck and just to be sure, this was the Gigant unmodified from FG? That's really big in 1/160 scale!

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  5. Lepercan

    Lepercan Member

    She's a big girl. The model as published by FG is 1/38, I believe, and is over four feet wide. I reduced to about 1/160 and built her as printed. I did scratch the cargo hatch formers and open up the side fuselage doors for passenger/cargo access. I scratched the V2 road trailer, the horse cart, and the box on the medic truck. The vehicles come with the Me323 set. The figures are Preiser 1/160 and the foliage I scratched from twigs and shredded foam rubber. In 1/160, she's about 9.5 " long and has a wingspan of 21"
    Thanks for the comments, I'm still learning to use a camera and am not much good at it.
  6. jacovdw13

    jacovdw13 New Member

    Very well done and precision build.I am going to start with my Gigant soon.That should keep me busy for a long time. :)
  7. bluedonkey99

    bluedonkey99 Custom


    That is a great build, it would be tough enough in 1/160 but to scale down from 1/60 must have raised a number of other issues to do with tollerances.

    great work
  8. Jagolden

    Jagolden New Member

    Really fine build, Lepercan. FG's models have come a long way. Your build showcases their model and your talent.
  9. bcarter1234

    bcarter1234 New Member

    Very nice job on this build.
  10. schorhr

    schorhr Member

    Wow. Very nice. I would love to see a movie clip of it to get a "3D" feel looking arround.
  11. Bengt F

    Bengt F Active Member

    Hi Lepercan,

    This is really a beautiful and sophisticated diorama, with one of my favorite planes, the huge Messerschmitt Me-323 'Gigant'. I have actually seen the photos before and I then took the liberty of downloading a few of them in my Me-323 folder. I would like to build the GPM 1:33 scale model some day.

    As cdaveport points out re. the slight greenish tint has to do with the fluorescent tube lighting. You need to balance this light, which the camera sees as green if you put your camera in 'Auto' mode, with the opposite color in the spectrum, which is Magenta (kind of pink). If you have a white balance setting on your camera other than Auto (Automatic White Balance), try 'fluorescent', which roughly brings the color to where it should be. If you have some kind of basic image software, even the simpler ones lets you correct colors - try adding Magenta, and you will gradually see how the colors are shifting to a more natural palette.

    Very, very well built - interesting to look at. Thanks for sharing!

    All the best,
    Bengt in Stockholm, Sweden :thumb::thumb::thumb:

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