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Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by m1a2lt, May 26, 2001.

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    I recently bought a bag of couplers to mount on Hornby and Lima OO scale outline models. However, because they use the british hook and bar system, the couplers won't just slide into the mounts. Does anyone know where mounts can be purchased for this or any other way to mount them?
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    Hello m1a2lt, and welcome to the gauge.
    Nice to see someone modelling the British scene, for information regarding how to mount a Kadee type onto Hornby and Lima OO scale you might wish to email my friend Johan at this address.

    He and I have converted all his 00 rolling stock to Kadee, using the proper Kadee not the McHenry type.

    Hope this will help you.

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    I began a replacement program to the Kadee couplers as well. Not with the greatest success. The kit built stock I built was able to take the Kadee, and was reasonable generic in the couplers they could take.

    I made up the couplers and glued them on. You can screw them on. I bought a coupler guage to ensure the correct hieght and placement. Other stock I just cut the old ones off, and glued the new ones in place, however some of these I had to extend the coupler length, making an unrealist distance between carraiges, and also causing derailments on curves becuase of this. Also some of the existing couplers were "bogie" attached, and I modified the stock to have them "body" attached. Don't do this. alters the line of the couplers on curves, and again, derailments. I also found the kadee couplers tended to sag after a while, and catch on turnouts etc. causeing derailments. I have had to go back and review/reattach/replace most of them. Ones that I cut the old coupler off, I had to replace the bogies. I have now decided to keep the original couplers of pre-made stock, and use kadee on kitbuilt. locos, especially double ended locos, I just have original coupler at one end, and kadee at the other, for dual running. So be careful and accurate.

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    I agree with Woodie. Kadee has the the parts you need. McHenry are junk. Just my opion! [​IMG]

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