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  1. Morning Folks,

    My main interests remain 1/1 scale Motorcycles and Animal Welfare Causes BUT among my happiest memories remain that of my late Uncle Bud from some 50 years or so ago, and his interests. Here was the extra-tensional Motor-Enthusiast who loved anything to do with 2 and 4 wheels and a motor! The man had owned and ridden BOTH Indians and Harleys back in the 30’s / 40’s during a time you just didn’t do that sort of thing (without getting’ yer’ skull cracked!)! Seriously cool!! Growing up initially in Chicago one of my favorite things was when my father would bring me over to Uncle Bud’s house: friggin’ Kid’s Paradise!! He had set up a complete HO Train and HO Slot Car setup in the basement plus a separate 1/24 scale Slot Car Track plus had 1/25th scale model cars on shelves all over the joint!! NO great revelation then why years later I was a model enthusiast then later was building Slot Cars from scratch (soldering the frames, etc.), hopping on the Greyhound Bus and heading North (from Santa Barbara, CA) up to Pismo Beach to race my cars on the 4x large Commercial race tracks they had there, ‘Pismo Raceways’ (all of this of course in the late 60’s / early 70’s). :mrgreen:

    These days I concede I don’t do much except work, fret over the bills and our (so far) 9 Sturgis Animal Shelter Cats we’ve taken in (with more to follow) but I’ve said to my wife on more then one occasion (she pooh-pooh’s it immediately of course!!) that someday, somehow I too want one of those setups my Uncle Buddy had!! Again my wife says “no way”… I say “DON’T rain on my dreams”!! Nuff’ said. :cool:

    LRG :thumb:
  2. ekuth

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    Welcome, Ghost!

    *sighs and looks at his box of HO stuff and fantasizes about a nice layout*
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