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Discussion in 'G / O / S Scale Model Trains' started by Clerk, Jul 15, 2003.

  1. Clerk

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    Stopped in at McDonalds and got me a milk shake today. As I got back into my car which was facing the building, something caught my eye through the window, inside the store. I did a double take. Just below the ceiling, two trains were running in opposite directions. I was already in my car with the airconditioner runing in 101 degree temp and wasn't about to get out and go in to check it out. I figure I can check it out the next time I go there. From the outside it looked like G Scale.
  2. Lighthorseman

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    You might want to pop in quickly, as there was a McDonalds here in Edmonton that had such a setup. It was removed not too long after it had been installed, and I'm not too sure why. I suspect that it might have been because it did not fit with the chain's "uniformity" rules....
  3. jlg759

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    Also In Hagerstown

    There is also one at the MCdonalds on RT 40 in Hagerstown Maryland it is O scale
  4. Matthyro

    Matthyro Will always be re-membered

    The Loblaws Supermarket here in Georgetown have one in the toy area. The track base is plexi-glass so you could see the train running around in a space of about 30 ft by 15 ft. and about 8ft above the floor.
    The train stopped a couple of months ago and I guess there was nobody interested enough to fix it. Now there are only a couple of boxcars left just sitting on the track with nowhere to go. It is G scale
  5. TR-Flyer

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    There's a Bi-Lo supermarket here in town that has a G-gauge frieght train running over their entire check out line. Nice train, 6-8 cars, diesel engine. About 8-9 feet off the ground.

  6. pcentral

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    You mean trains running in a restaurant isn't normal?:confused: :D Around there it sure is. My Dad and I maintain two G gauge setups (Dad installed one of them) in local restaurants. A hot dog shop in the mall has another G gauge setup and I believe there is a Burger King in a nearby town that has trains running.

    If you ever find yourself heading through Barstow,Ca don't miss the McDonald's built out of several old train cars with a train layout inside to boot! If you head further east on highway 58 into Tehachapi,CA you will find a restaurant with an HO scale layout modelling the world famous Tehachapi Loop which is just a little further east out of town.

  7. marc gast

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    McDonald's Trains

    Well, I guess you could call that a McToot! LOL

    Then Denver Drumstick restaurant chains (closed up in the early 70s) in Denver, Colorado, had magnificant layouts running around the upper level of their restaurants. Many Colorado scenes, etc. I can't remember whether it was S or O gauge though. Been away from the "MIle High" to many years.

  8. Catt

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    Marc,have you seen the HO layout in the McDonalds in Comstock Park?
  9. davidstrains

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    The "Billy McHale's" restaurants in the Seattle area also have G-scale trains running around their seating area. The one in the South Center area generally has 2 running.:) :)
  10. CN1

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    Clerk, 101 F and a milkshake in Dec?

    Must be nice;) :D ;)
  11. Vic

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    The Competition

    There's a Burger King here that is built like a train station. Inside, part of the dining area is built like a street car. They have a G scale trolley that runs back and forth under the counter where you place your order and get your drinks.
  12. Clerk

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    Cn1 - If you notice, the date of that post is in July and we were running tripple fugure temps in California then. At least in My area.
  13. CN1

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    Clerk, no I did not notice the date. :eek: :oops: :oops: Now I feel embarassed:rolleyes: :oops:

    So what's the weather like now?
  14. Clerk

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    CN1. Very bad storm Sunday and Monday with tons of rain in the valley and snow in the hills., Sunshine yesterday and cloudy today. Temp average 44 daytime and low 30's at night
  15. CN1

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    Thanks Clerk. Still better tan freezing:D :D

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