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  1. One of my favorite battlemechs has to be the Raven, based solely on its good looks. It's a light mech weighing in at 35 tons, but it has an important job - disruption of enemy communication and cohesion through electronic warfare, while simultaneously shielding friendly units from similar electronic attack. Its conventional weaponry consists of a SRM 6 battery (short range missiles), and 2 medium lasers.

    This is the Mech Commander 2 version of the Raven, designed by vlmarshall, and is sized to 1/80 scale to match my other mechs. It's built "straight from the box" except for the SRM 6 which was not designed in for some reason. I used the triangular kit lasers, even though I'm really not crazy for their shape. I've built 7 of these MC2 mechs now, and I really enjoy them. The skins leave a bit to be desired, but they're authentic since they were taken directly from the computer game (now an antique in game years).

    To add interest, I posed the Raven in mid stride. Ever watchful for enemy mechs, its head is turning to the right. The model was placed on a bookcase for the photography session, and the stark white wall behind it was pretty boring, so I Photoshopped in some color and clouds. The pics turned out better than usual.

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    Very nice build of that. I also like the pose you made. The raven i think deserves it´s name.

    The raven is also one of my favorite mechs. Because of this i build three of them till now:
    The right one was my first papercraft ever and is build with normal 80gr paper. The left one i optimized the textures and used photo paper.

    And last i build the MW4 version of BLaaR. I also optimized the textures a little bit (with my poor abilities) and made a own camo.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  3. Thanks for your kind comments Dopedidu. Your photos document your growth as a paper modeler, from a well built but static first model, to a dynamically posed Raven (which tells a story), to a more complex model that is equally well posed and complemented with diorama elements. Nice work. I have a couple of paper model projects going on right now, and one of them is another 'mech - an Annihilator in 1/80 scale. It's going to be a pretty big model even in the small scale, standing taller than my evil clown Atlas (thread in here somewhere). Photos of the Annihilator will be up eventually.

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