mbw-2 "striemitielnyj"

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    a few shots of the above vehicle i want to know what everone thinks off the rear roof section it looks a bit rough to me and theres a little gap on one side its a difficult job as the roof has nothing to attach to it has to be glued to the top of the side panels im going to have to order another copy anyway as i ripped one of the roof panels while dissasebling the book(its strangely cheap anyway) its a big object to skin 73cms long i also left the black lines on the edges of the side panels as the welded seams on the real thing are visable but now in not to sure:cry:

    ps what does striemitielnyj mean?

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  2. eatcrow2

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    Hello Nullmoon..

    Looks good!!!!! I've actually have this model about a third of the way completed, but it has been put on hold due do interest in other projects.. Before I started this, I scanned all the parts.. If needed, I can send you the page with whatever part you need if I know the part number...
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    She looks good.
  4. It looks good to me - not rough at all. I've always been intrigued by the model of that big ol' armored train. Can't wait to see more.

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    thanks eatcrow2 but scanned parts never seem to match up
    i usally try and get 2 copies of big complex models i may build the new copy up to the same stage and see who gets the part
    the only hard part was cutting out all that framework and sanding it all level its worth making a good job of it due to the size

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