mazinger z koji kabuto HELMET paper model???

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  1. video567

    video567 New Member

    hi all I was wondering if anyone could help me. I'm looking for the =
    Mazinger Z pilots's helmet. the pilot is koji kabuto and I Have nott =
    seen a 3d model or paper model of one. if anyone can help out please =
    contact me. thank you

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  2. video567

    video567 New Member

    thanks for the info ive seen the mazinger head, but still no helmet. do you need pictures of the helmet? also do you know any good tutorials for using peparuka software i have a few 3ds models i would like to convert into paper models but have not had any luck making them look workable
  3. I've glanced at images of the helmet and further images, specifically of the back, would definitely be needed to properly interpret its shape.
  4. video567

    video567 New Member

    i dont have any back pictures but i do have a side pic this one is off the toy but i imagine the back is just plain round

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