"Mayberry" Squad Car??

Discussion in 'Commercial & Civilian Vehicles' started by dhanners, May 1, 2005.

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    And don't put any chrome on it............... it won't look good done in paper anyway............ chrome that is...........

    Dang why don't somebody ask Goober he'd know for sure. Gomer might know, but he'd have to sing it to you.:grin:
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    I well aware the Fairlane WAS a full size car, I remember the 57 Ford Fairlane, with the flip top roof. But, I'm telling you, I own one of these, it has the same grill, same tail fins, same tail lights, same skirts, same head lights...... Now, if they were made from the same parts and at the same plant then this whole thing breaks down to semantics.

    We talk about cookie cutter cars today, but the fact is that the same thing happened 40 to 60 yrs ago. I've been a motorhead since I was 16 and I'm pretty sure the only difference is in the trim package and some of the options. Back in the day though, you could oder just about anything you wanted without a big hassle.

    They were all FOMOCO and they were all really, pretty much alike.
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    Well, this is quite likely true. The major difference on many models is the level of trim. Take the '55 - '57 Chevys, all the body parts were the same for each year. The only difference between models was the trim package.

    Anyway, nobody really cares about these details except you guys :wink: so who's going to design this model???:-D

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    I would love to. But I know Absolutely nothing about any of the 3D design programs I have downloaded!!

    If you wanted a plastic version, I can do that Easily. There is even a resin kit for the 63 Ford, Complete with Rotator & MAYBERRY decals!

    Tell me wher I can go for some VERY cheap lessons in 3d virtual design and I will do so!.
    Help!!! I would also like to do Squad 51(at least the utility box is very easy being just a box. But the Dodge pick-up body....
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    Well Gollee Gomer!!

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