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    When my grandfathers HO item where passed along to me (what didn't get ruined in my sisters flooded basement) there where only two structures left. They were still sealed in plastic and had no boxes. I found out that it was a Life Like train station (MFR #1347). The problem I am having is that I have NO idea what type of roof is on this model. It's definately NOT shingles, slate, or wood shake. It does have a wood grain texture to it but I am unsure exactly what it is for certain. I posted a pic and i was hoping maybe some of you Gurus here in the HO forum might be able to clue me in. I can't paint it if I don't know what it is. I painted the smaller roof a woody type color but i could be far off. The one pictured is one side of the Platform roof. Maybe you even have this particular item on your own layout and if so I would love to see a pic. If not, I suppose I could scratch shingle it if someone knows the dimensions of an HO shingle.Thank you all for your time. :thumb:

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    I had no luck searching for this particular type of roof. Actually it appears that they may have altered the design since this model was made. I'm sure my grandfather bought this no earlier than the mid eighties. It almost looks as if they went to a wood shake or shingled roof. Can't tell which. I decided to just use aluminum and make it a corrugated steel roof. Turned out okay I suppose.
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    Conrail, you can make the roof however you wish. Shingles sound fine to me but a corrugated steel roof will be fine too.
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    CR,That's suppose to be a metal roof..Some smaller stations received metal roofs when the old slate or shingle roof became to costly to repair.
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    I figured it must have supposed to have been something of that sort. The detail patteren on the roof from the factory looked more like a thatch roof on a Hawiian Hut. [​IMG] I fixed it up it up a lil and it will do just fine. [​IMG]

    Hey brakie. Are you familiar with this structure? My grandfather used to work out of the building when he work for Conrail out of Bucyrus. It says T&OC Depot Bucyrus at the bottom. It was painted by a relative that lives in Bucyrus and will be an addition to my layout when I think my skills are to that level.

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    Nice painting. That will make a great addition to the railroad room!

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    CR,I surely do....You see that's where I do my local railfaning..

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