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    Here is a Mayan temple in Palenque, in the southern state of Chiapas, Mexico.
    The temple was a resting place for Mayan governor Pakal the Great (615-683 AD).
    The temple, also called "Temple of Inscriptions", because of its many
    hierogliphs, have a hidden stairway inside, where you can find Pakal's sarcofagus.

    You have to walk up the temple on the outside, and then walk down the stairways
    on the inside (quite an experience!).

    The sarcofagus cannot be taken out of the temple, so if you visit Palenque,
    you can see the original tomb; although Pakal himself is in Mexico City's
    Antropology Museum.

    The model shows this stairway. I'll post a couple of pictures of the actual
    temple from my travel there in 1996 (ten years? wow, time goes fast these
    days), when I finish the model.

    Oh! And you can see many of the great Mayan cilvilization (and its demise)
    in the upcoming movie from Mel Gibson "Apocalypto", due in December.
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    Thanks. My tour of duty in Honduras 15 years or so ago, was highlighted by a trip to Copan. I just happen to get there on the day they discovered that tomb under the large temple and a lot of the site was then off the tourist list.

    I have always wanted to visit the Mexican ruins of the Maya civilization.

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    You are welcome (as everybody here) to visit Mexico's ancient sites.
    There were MANY civilizations here.
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