Mauser C-96 -- any good scale drawings?

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    Although there are loads of good photos of the "Broomhandle" Mauser on the web, I cannot locate a good diagram with dimensions. A "typical" model C-96 (there were many versions, depending on the country of manufacture) is said to have a 5 1/2 barrel length, with an overall length of 12 inches. I've scaled a drawing to match the stated length, but the barrel comes out a bit short... more like 5 inches. When I scale the drawing to obtain the correct barrel length, the gun is now 13 inches overall.... seems really huge. Knowing that an ammo round is 35mm (or 1 3/8 inches), I've tried to judge scale from that... but I'm not really satisfied with the result.:?

    Maybe the drawing I'm working from is not accurate. Can anyone point me in the direction of a good source of information... preferably a web site?
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    One thing that might throw you off when trying to scale firearms from written dimensions. The barrel length is normally (and legally in the US)measured from the face of the bolt.
    And a Broomhandle IS really huge for what it is. I had a Bolo (3.9in bbl with smaller grip)
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    there is a book on 20th century firearms called exploded drawings, there are a few volumes of this series, which includes most of the classics. When I used to shoot and collect this book was invaluable. The Usual Small arms of the world gives some good drawings in the earlier volumes, includeing various field stripping tips. The Kamikasen models are a neat approximation, thier broomhandle is a bit basic and off in some parts. Most of the C96 series didnot have a detach mag, it was just a floorplate. The real broomhandle was "neat" in that there was only one pin and one screw, all the other parts dovetailed and interlocked to keep it together. This was my favourite old pistol, I had them in 9mm , 7.63 and bolo versions, also had a chance to get one in .45 acp but was a bit much at the time. The original 30 cal was the fastest moving pistol bullet at the time @ 90 gr bullet at @ 1250 fps, compared to the modern .357 mag 125 gr at 1300-1400 fps. Good luck on this project, shoot off an email if you need any help.
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    Thanks to all for the feedback. There are many variations of this design, both minor and otherwise. I am thinking about attempting a 1:1 scale model. I enlarged a line drawing to what I think is very close to the right size, superimposed a grid of 1/2 inch squares, and am using that to create scalable drawings on TurboCad. I am not foolish enough to suppose this will be a "snap", but "nothing ventured, nothing gained"


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