Maty Modelarz 1:150 scale Cutty Sark Issue 1-2/2004

Discussion in 'Kit Announcements' started by Jim Krauzlis, Aug 29, 2004.

  1. Jim Krauzlis

    Jim Krauzlis Active Member

    Looks as if Maty Modelarz are re-issuing their old Cutty Sark model at 1:150 scale. I have the older issue, and the printing and paper quality is typical of the ealier MM publications, so this re-issue will most likely be a big improvement over the older version.

    I wonder if any of our modeling friends has had the chance to see this recent publication and can tell us about it's paper and print quality.
    I for one would like to find a convenient source of the newly released MM kits, so if anyone has a good source they would be willing to share let me know.

    I also would be interested to learn if MM is planning on redoing other earlier releases. They had some very nice subject, but as some of our members know they have some fitting and color issues. :D

    Here is the cover print from the new release as shown on the MM webpage.

  2. DN

    DN Member

    Hi Jim
    I didn't see it but there is a big and noisy discussion on this subject on Polish forums. It looks like the design is redrawn on computer and the printing and paper are much better compared to the old issue.
  3. Darwin

    Darwin Member

    Jim, I think Lighthouse Modelart has smelled the coffee and is starting to stock recent Maly kits. (However, so far seems to just be aircraft.) Go to their website and give them an email expressing your interest in having them establish a *reliably available* stock of the full Maly Modelarz line. If enough of us voice our opinion (and follow up with purchases), I'm sure they will respond to the demand. Maly has made great strides lately in printing and graphic quality. I'm interested in the Cutty myself. Several years ago, I started building the old version, and got the hull about 95% finished when the house ate it. ( fell down between a large bookself and the wall, and so far nothing else has fallen back there of sufficient value to justify the major effort of retrieval, so there it sits amidst the dust bunnies. Maybe I need to drop a $100 bill down there......) I encountered zero fit problems with the portion I completed...the kit went together quite well, so the mechanics of the design were not an issue.
  4. Jim Krauzlis

    Jim Krauzlis Active Member

    Thanks Roman and Darwin! :D

    I took a look at the Polish site, and yes, indeed, the kit is discussed...unfortunately it's gonna take me some time to translate the discussion. But from what Darwin says, it will probably be a positive review; we'll see. I have the old kit too, just haven't gotten around to building it yet. My wife loves the Cutty Sark, but she has twisted my arm to build the Revell large scale kit, commenting on how she wasn't all that keen on my making a paper model of her, so I'll have to finish the plastic kit first. :wink:

    Darwin, I hear what you say, and have to add Ralf and Peter have been great at getting new releases. Yep, all you have to do is ask.
    I recently suggested they might want to look into getting the Maty Modelarz CD sets, I know I would be interested in them. I will have to ask them about the Cutty Sark. I'm waiting for the QMII from JSC to come in. I added a note to the forum thread on my earlier note that provides a link to the Polish site where someone is already building her...looks great!

  5. Swinger

    Swinger Member

    I've purchased the last Maly Modelarz. It is probably a completely new design. The quality is (in general) the same as the other recent MM kits. That means that the paper is quite good, the design is computer-made, the colours are good and there are some print drawbacks. Well, in fact the Cutty Sark has got more print flaws than an average Maly Modelarz. But, as usual it depends on a copy. People on the Polish board mention that the deck hasn't got a solid colour... My copy has got a nice deck colour, but there are other drawbacks. You can see them on a photo (spoilt colour on cutty2.jpg, "moved" colours on the copper plates on cutty3, bad colour of one of the ornament's circles on cutty3).

    But in general, the model looks good. I didn't want to browse in the shops in search of a better copy, because if I ever build this ship, it will be painted, covered with wood etc. However, I think that my copy is one of the worst, and an average copy should be better. As for the design, it seems to be realistic and quite detailed.
  6. cygielski

    cygielski Member

    I've seen the new MM, and frankly the biggest problem I saw was that it lacks the outboard yardarms that give its rigging that 'flying cloud' look. Then again, I didn't look for printing problems in that much detail.

    On a side note, considering that a 'double' issue like this costs about $3.50 retail in Poland and our western friends seem to be willing to pay quite a bit more, I would be surprised if somebody didn't start importing MMs very soon.

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