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    OK - I am going to build my first scale model of a real building. It is called the Keenan Brothers factory. This factory turned out toothpicks in the late 1800's and was located in Owen Sound Ontario Canada. I have a drawing done by the Underwriters Survey Bureau.
    The drawing scale is - one inch is equal to fifty feet.
    My question is. Is there a multiplyer to change the dimentions to HO scale?
    In other words if I have a wall on the drawing that is two inches long what do I multiply that 2 inches by to get it to HO scale.
    Oh and BTW - Merry Christmas to all.
    Thanks Frank
  2. LongIslandTom

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    HO scale is 3.5mm represents 1 foot.

    So on your drawing, if one inch represents 50 feet, one inch on the drawing represents 175mm.

    Hope this helps.
  3. zedob

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    Toothpickssign1 all I can picture in my mind is that old cartoon where they turned a big log into a tiny toothpick.

    1 ft in HO is equal to .138", multiply that by 50 and you get 6.900"
  4. 60103

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    Deacon: See if you can get an HO scale rule, although they usually don't come longer than 12". Based on the draw1ng scale, you may be able to use a tape measure with metric on it.
    Where in Owen Sound was the factory? We spend a lot of our summer up there.
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    Hi Frank,
    Zedob answered your q, but you may need a little clarification:

    6.9 (6.889) is the factor you requested. Measure a length on the 1:600 drawing.
    Multiply that length by 6.9. This is the HO length of that measurement.

    In your example, you measured a wall to be 2". That 100' wall would be 2 x 6.9 or 13.8"
    in HO scale.:thumb:
  6. DeaconF

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    Thanks a lot guys. That 6.9 factor was the one I was looking for. I had it but I needed it confirmed. My son came up with it so he will be happy.
    60103 - The factory was located where the Bayshore Community Centre is now. I hope to expand on the area. Right beside Keenan's was the Russel Brothers boat building factory. They built the original Maid of the Mist for Niagara Falls and the William Lion McKenzie fire boat for the Toronto Harbour.
    I was lucky to get these drawings at our local Grey Roots Museum. They show the shoreline along with all the footprints of the buildings in the area in great detail. If you are in Owen Sound I hope you have gone into the Marine Rail Museum. They have a lot of info on the rail history in the area.
    Again have a great Christmas and thanks for the replies.

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