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Discussion in 'FAQs' started by MSP Tuner, Apr 23, 2004.

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    As you may well know I've decided to go Z & N scale. Now I've got questions on what material is need to make a layout. Don't know what scale I'll start first but I know my size layout 3 x 4. I know not much but the wife has given some limits.:D I want to know what material should I lay the track on. I'm going with Atlas code 80 for N scale and Marklin for Z scale.

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    Well, if you want to make it lightweight, you can build a frame of 1x4 clear pine, and put 2" pink or blue (extruded) foam in for the table top.

    As with all things in model railroading, there are at least three or four answers for every question!

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    I have made mine out of 1x3 "wood", I used whatever I had handy. Some was pine, some was cut down from a load of "fire wood" my Uncle had at his place. Any wood will do, but pine is softer. If you use scrap hard wood or presswood, you need to drill before screwing.

    My frame is 1x3, cross braced every 12".
    The legs are 2x2 and the table height is 40".
    I did put a thin panel top on the tables, white side up. This is just to facilitate drawing the track plan on. I will eventually cookie cutter the top.
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