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Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by daishi, Jan 25, 2015.

  1. daishi

    daishi Member

    Hello everyone it has been a while!

    I haven't had much time to build lately so my previous projects took a long time ... but I think I've hit my groove again (I hope that's the phrase :) ) Also I got myself a phone that can actually take decent pictures, so here's my first build thread .... ever:

    Nyreen Kandros from Mass Effect 3 Omega DLC

    As usual I started with the head..
    WP_20150124_20_21_54_Pro.jpg WP_20150125_11_05_41_Pro.jpg WP_20150125_18_05_27_Pro.jpg WP_20150125_18_05_42_Pro.jpg WP_20150125_19_24_28_Pro.jpg WP_20150125_19_24_38_Pro.jpg WP_20150125_20_01_34_Pro.jpg WP_20150125_20_53_57_Pro.jpg WP_20150125_20_54_33_Pro.jpg
    I used 120gsm matte photo paper printed with an inkjet.

    I intend to make this one glow so next up is probably her left arm and her Omni-tool, or right arm with her Phaeston Assault rifle I haven't decided yet.
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  2. silveroxide

    silveroxide Well-Known Member

    good to see you doing a build thread. I have yet to build any of your figures yet but they are in the process, eventually. Probably my first figure will be the Sister of Battle. In the ,meantime, I will enjoy your build thread. Thanks for sharing.
  3. zathros

    zathros SENIOR Administrator

    Hi Daishi, off to a great start again. Wonderful head, so far. :)
  4. daishi

    daishi Member

    Haven't had much time this weekend but I did start on the Phaeston Assault rifle.

    The weapons on my models are usually the hardest to make the right shape. The small boxes makes keeping the weapons straight and symmetric a nightmare. Also since these are not "organic" it's much more noticeable if they are bent or otherwise deformed, even if the observer does not know the original shape.

    This rifle model requited some relatively thin parts on the center like the trigger guard and the upper and lower front "horns", so I tried to edit the template in a way that both makes these parts easy to create as well as act as a solid core to keep the rifle straight and symmetric. The central piece is a 2mm thick cardboard piece sandwitched between the plain paper parts with the textures on them.

    Since most of the edges will be invisible under the other parts heaped on the code for the most part I didn't have to color the edges for the most part. Where I did (trigger guard etc.) plain black paint did the trick nicely.

    So here are some pics, the barrel assembly and the grip assembly still missing but I think its turning out all right.
    WP_20150131_14_15_10_Pro.jpg WP_20150201_11_58_59_Pro.jpg WP_20150201_13_05_44_Pro.jpg WP_20150201_18_58_27_Pro.jpg
  5. daishi

    daishi Member

    So little time for papercraft nowadays T_T
    ... but I've finished with the rifle, next step is the Omni-tool.
    WP_20150207_11_05_14_Pro.jpg WP_20150207_12_08_27_Pro.jpg WP_20150207_11_05_34_Pro.jpg
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  6. daishi

    daishi Member

    Finished with the Onmi-tool hand aaand ..... it turned out all right.
    I'm not 100% satisfied with it, but I think instead of re-trying I'll make a "biotic power use" hand and make the hands interchangeable.
    WP_20150221_21_16_44_Pro.jpg WP_20150222_11_14_14_Pro.jpg WP_20150222_15_01_12_Pro.jpg WP_20150222_15_02_10_Pro.jpg
    WP_20150222_16_46_30_Pro.jpg WP_20150222_16_46_40_Pro.jpg WP_20150222_16_47_00_Pro.jpg
    (btw. there are 5 yellow lumibugs in the wrist ring to illuminate the omni-tool)
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  7. Rhaven Blaack

    Rhaven Blaack ADMINISTRATOR Administrator

    That is interesting and cool.
    I am looking forward to seeing it lit up.
  8. gilgamesch

    gilgamesch New Member

    Wow, it will be lite up?
    What meterial do use for the transparent part?
  9. daishi

    daishi Member

    Thx! Yes and now I remember why I didn't make any more illuminated models after Legion, working around wires and optical fibers is annoying :)

    It's made from a PET plastic bottle.
    There's a hungarian mineral water brand that uses nice colored bottles (although the orange colored one tastes awful IMO, but that is what kids are for. My nieces liked it enough to empty a bottle for me. :p )
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  10. zathros

    zathros SENIOR Administrator

    Really looks great so far. I think figurines are the hardest objects to make IMHO. :)
  11. daishi

    daishi Member

    Ok this took some time, started on the legs some time ago boot the foot turned out really ugly, with highly visible glue lines and the sole got a little deformed too. so modified the template a little...

    ... Then I've ran out of paper and almost of glue, the particular brands I use became freaking hard to come by in Hungary. :arghh:
    Also my MP3 player got busted (need it for my audiobooks during builds). So had to repair that too. :(

    But everything is back to normal aaaand here is the next update:
    WP_20150314_19_12_35_Pro.jpg WP_20150314_19_13_07_Pro.jpg WP_20150315_11_14_51_Pro.jpg WP_20150315_13_31_55_Pro.jpg WP_20150315_14_11_58_Pro.jpg WP_20150315_14_12_04_Pro.jpg WP_20150315_14_12_11_Pro.jpg WP_20150315_18_42_08_Pro.jpg
    (both is the left leg the old bad one and the new one)
    The last one is the kneepad, I intend to add some fiber optic lights in it later.
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  12. daishi

    daishi Member

    Good weekend .. much progress ... yes ... much :snaphappy:

    WP_20150321_11_33_08_Pro.jpg WP_20150321_11_33_17_Pro.jpg WP_20150321_11_33_38_Pro.jpg WP_20150321_15_48_35_Pro.jpg WP_20150322_18_19_47_Pro.jpg WP_20150322_18_20_40_Pro.jpg WP_20150322_18_21_04_Pro.jpg WP_20150322_18_24_55_Pro.jpg
    (I have included some lit up pics of the omni-tool just for you two Rhaven, Gilgamesch !)
    WP_20150322_18_23_00_Pro.jpg WP_20150322_18_23_26_Pro.jpg
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  13. Rhaven Blaack

    Rhaven Blaack ADMINISTRATOR Administrator

    @daishi The Omni-tool looks FANTASTIC! :Bravo:
    It lit up BEAUTIFULLY!thumbsup
  14. daishi

    daishi Member

    Haven't had much time this last 2 weeks (you know ... ehm ... Pillars of Eternity was released)

    But I managed to finish Nyreen's left arm.
    WP_20150412_20_46_35_Pro.jpg WP_20150412_20_46_43_Pro.jpg WP_20150412_20_47_08_Pro.jpg

    Also a note: This year's Moson Model Show (as far as I know it's one of the bigger model exhibitions in central EU) is this weekend, if anyone plans to come: look out for my Ezio and Tali'Zorah models, they will be there :) .
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  15. zathros

    zathros SENIOR Administrator

    Your builds have a real "realism" to them. I see some stuff that looks "too" perfect. Your's has that, but you put in a little 'English" into your models, and it takes them over the top. :)
  16. daishi

    daishi Member

    Thx zathros!

    So here is a new update: Started on the torso this weekend. In hindsight the neck could have used some more simplification but since I have no intention to restart, it will say this way :)
    WP_20150417_19_15_08_Pro.jpg WP_20150417_21_17_31_Pro.jpg WP_20150418_16_08_45_Pro.jpg WP_20150418_16_08_51_Pro.jpg WP_20150418_17_21_37_Pro.jpg WP_20150418_18_11_21_Pro.jpg

    Also finished with one of the light chambers on the neck. Turns out I forgot to order enough lumibugs for it so I'll make it using a regular LED and a paper cone for every light strip group on the inner collar.
    (sorry webcam picture, had to hold the battery in place)
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  17. mcusanelli

    mcusanelli Member

    Unbelievable! Your work blows my mind, a real inspiration!
  18. zathros

    zathros SENIOR Administrator

    Blows me away too. The parts are put together with real skill. The completed models seem seamless. :)
  19. F131

    F131 Member

    Awesome as always. I love everything Mass Effect!
  20. daishi

    daishi Member

    Thx everyone!

    Next update: The glowing parts took a wee bit more time than I've anticipated so I didn't have that much actual building done. But at least the majority of the LEDs and optical parts are in place.
    Now comes the fun part: finishing up the torso while working around the jumble of wires on the inside AND making the left arm detachable at the same time.
    (I'm planning on making a biotic sphere holding arm version powered by an UV LED and UV reactive ink colored cotton ball .. you know just for the fun of it)
    WP_20150425_18_04_35_Pro.jpg WP_20150425_18_04_41_Pro.jpg WP_20150425_18_04_49_Pro.jpg WP_20150425_22_22_35_Pro.jpg WP_20150425_22_22_48_Pro.jpg
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