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    I've just assembled in three evenings his Oyodo It was quite difficult because of the general smallness, but I'm quite accustomed to small builds. The main difficulty lies in the assembly - I felt like a CSI investigator, trying to discern which part went where and how formed on a blurry pictures of a not very precise built model. I've spent more time enlarging and analyzing photos than actually building the model.

    And I was doing it to make a present for my friend who made 1:200 model several years ago. Boy, when you compare these two ships it looks like Godzilla vs shark :) And the small Oyodo is like a stick drawing when it comes to detail depicting. Heck, the 3 barell AA guns are depicted as a black rectangles drawn on the surface of parts :p

    Anyways with proper care it looks very nice - and I'm taken with an idea to design and make entire Polish navy on the brink of WWII - and fit it on a small display board :)

    Oh, and from my measurements it is around 1:1200 scale - I'd make my fleet 1:1000 as we had mainly small and almost medium ships.

    I'll post pictures when I'll get some juice for my camera...
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    Very Cool!!! Look forward too it. :)
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