Marx 1998 UP Switcher. AC, DC? Horn? HELP!

Discussion in 'FAQs' started by TedTrain, Jan 6, 2006.

  1. TedTrain

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    Hi ALL!
    Well......I found me an old Marx 1998 UP Switcher! It looks to be in good shape! My questions...I have a few! Does this run on AC....OR DC?? It tried hooking to DC, It clicks once, or everytime I complete the circuit. I put AC to it from a Lionel AC Xfer it just clicks?? Is this motor DEAD??? CAn I bring it back to life?? I can make it roll in my hands, it has some resistence, but it does move freely. IS the thing that's inside the plastic body compartment the HORN? And IF it is, how do you make it work?? Pix below!

    Many, Many thamks! Ted

  2. TedTrain

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    After looking at this motor more...I realized that it's just a BIG Aurora Pancake Style motor! I took it apart, shot it with some Brake Cleaner (Just like tuner cleaner, this brand is just Alcohol, it evaporates). I hit the brushes with an Eraser from a pencil, did the Armature too! Appliead power....runs like a CHAMP!

    I think that thing in the Body IS the HORN! Except now all it does is BUZZ! IS that the noise it was supposed to make?

    Many, Many Thanks, Ted
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    not to sure, i have a simliar marx switcher, but if there is a seperate unit inside of it, thats seperate than the engine, that might be the horn... maybe pop the top off and run it with it off and see if you can locate where the noise is for sure... you might just need to clean it a tad bit more

    and i think every marx is AC, except for the windups!

    btw, thats a awsome looking train, i love those! i'm going to look into buying a switcher like that soon, right now i got the all black switcher
  4. 60103

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    Is the separate unit the reverser?

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