Martin XP6M-1 SeaMaster

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  1. 46rob

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    "Martin P6M Seamaster" by Stan Piet an Al Raithel

    Published by Martineer Press -- is the best source of info on the Seamaster that I've found. Has three views of all the different variants, including cross sections and cutaways. 220 pages opf P6M history and data.
  2. Dennis D

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    Seems like someone beat me to it! :mrgreen:

    Unfortunately, according to this site, it is out of print with no plans to re-issue...
  3. Paragon

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    I'm eying this one...though my list right now is pretty long, so I wouldn't exactly expect to see it soon. For those of you who don't know anything about my models, it still wouldn't be an incredibly detailed model.
  4. mchale

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    hay dennis d i can probely hand draw you one if your intressted it may take me awhile also but i can multi task real good so contact me at hope to hear from ya over and out.

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