Martin(?) X-24

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  1. MOS95B

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    Since I'm at work and unable to get to a lot of pages for a search, I figured I'd post this here. Has anyone seen the Martin X-24A available anywhere? Or as I call it, "The plane from the opening credits of The Six Million Dollar Man"


  2. SAustin16

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    Hello MOS,

    I'd be interested also. Would you mind letting us know if you find anything?

    I got to see the X-24B at an airshow on static display of course, back in 1976. I always loved the lifting bodies. My favorite is the HL-10. It always seemed like the most graceful and refined design of the research aircraft.

    Good Luck, and thanks for hosting the Moonport. It's really a jewel.
  3. MOS95B

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    Well, apparently my original image source doesn't allow linking, so ai did a new search. Now I need help from the X-Plane experts, what's the one in the middle? That's the actual one I want...

  4. MOS95B

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    Never mind, it's the M2-F3 (Google is my friend, Google is my friend, Goo...)


    Please, someone tell me a model exists. It would look so cool with the FG BUFF
  5. SAustin16

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    Worse comes to worst, you could probably scratch build one fairly easily. Do a prototype or two to get the hang of it, then do it for "real". I agree that it would look great paired with a -52.
  6. MOS95B

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    I appreciate the vote of confidence, but yeah right... lol!!

    Maybe when I get done with the BUFF, I'll give it a try, but I am definitely not a designer. Until then, I will continue digging through all the sites Google will help me find. If it works, I will definitely let y'all know. I know there's a lot of X plane fans on here, and there has to be more than just me that was a fan of the Six Million Dollar Man...
  7. I 've been looking for those Lifting-bodies, but I never found one, I think that I have 95% of the X-planes available in a big pile on my workbench. Maybe we can persuade Nobi or Kampflieger to make one, It would also be a good project to start with if you never have designed one....Look, mama, no wings!!!
    Cheers, Billy
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