Martin P5M Marlin Flying Boat

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    here is another one of my collections of flying boats, this here is the Navys last opperational flying boat Glen Martins P5M Marlin. as stated on Papermodlers forum i built this aboard ship I sent away for a set of plans from popular mechanics for 50 cents. the construction of its assembly was primarly out of pine LOLlllllllllllll as from my own quote there are no trees aboard ship. It is constructed from cardstock and wood like the other builds I have done. I always went down below to the gally and ask the belly robbers to save as much cardboard they can geth ahold of. The wood came from damaged cargo crates I learned my lathe work aboard ship we had a repaiir shop that had this equipment i made good use out of it. here below are some pictures of the last of the Navys flyingboats

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    Stunning as always Boats,keep em coming my friend:yep:
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    This aircraft is seemed the Beriev Be-6.


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