Martin-Baker Ejection Seat

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  1. DeWayne

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    Very happy to announce a new member of the card model designer family, Ted Schnitzler, AKA, 'cmdrted'.

    Ted has designed a superior ejection seat kit that has a great deal of detail and will fit 1:32-33-scale kits.

    Done in 1:33 scale, this can be adapted to nearly any model on the market that uses the Martin-Baker Mk-H7 series ejection seat system. The two schemes offered are in the USAF and the US Navy with both included in the kit. This two page kit including brief history, parts and instructions (written and diagrams).

    Available for delivery today: order reference number - 06-MB-MK-H7-A4


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  2. lakedweller

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    The ejection seat seems missing

    Hey DeWayne
    Dont see the ejection seat anywhere on your posting and not yet on your I just up too early in the morning.....
  3. DeWayne

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    I posted the wrong pics this AM when compiling the release. New photo re-posted and the kit should be under new button "Kitbashing"
  4. dimas Karabas

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    Nice kit, how about that spitife in russian camo? Or more stuff in 1:33 scale for ww fighters.

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