MarsCenter shuttle printing issues?

Discussion in 'Space & Aeronautics' started by dhanners, Feb 17, 2007.

  1. paulhbell

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    This must be costing a fortune in printing costs.
  2. dhanners

    dhanners Member

    So far, it's been $19. The gals who work there are sweet on me....
  3. Dmitry Samokhin

    Dmitry Samokhin New Member

    I had these problems :/
    I use Adobe Acrobat 7.0, printer Canon Pixma IP5000, and I resolve these problem.
    File->Print Push botton Advanced and mark checkbox Print as image.
    I think this will help in your situation.
    Sorry for my poor English.:roll:
  4. dhanners

    dhanners Member

    You English is a million times better than my Russian, Dmitry. Thanks for the printing advice.
  5. dhanners

    dhanners Member

    A quick update -- and I know I should post photos, but I'm too lazy to shoot while building -- but I got the SSMEs done. I ditched the kit parts and scratchbuilt my own. Each SSME is made up of 24 parts. I made the nozzles out of a dark metallic paper that I found at the art-supply store. It's called "anthracite" and looks very good. Once those were assembled, I added the "hatbands" -- those horizontal bands that go around the nozzle -- and all the various plumbing lines. The current SSME has a lot more external plumbing than depicted on the MARS Center version. I made the hatbands and plumbing from a silver paper I found. I glued up a lamination of three rectangles of the silver paper, then used a new X-acto blade to cut long, thin strips. Those strips were then curved and shaped to form the hatbands and plumbing.

    I believe I've solved the other construction challenge I envisioned, replicating the AFRSI blankets. I experimented with a few different methods before hitting on what I think is the solution. I did a proof-of-concept test last night and it looks pretty decent.

    So here's what I did: I got some Cottonelle toilet paper, and tore off a length about three squares long. Then I took a large piece of cardboard and taped wax paper over the top. I used blue low-tack tape to affix the toilet paper to the wax paper and keep it straight.

    Next, I made a mixture of white glue and water (approximately 60 percent water, 40 percent glue) and used a wide, soft brush to gently brush the glue onto the toilet paper. Once the glue dries, the length of toilet paper is stiff. Then I cut it into small squares to represent the individual AFRSI blankets, which I then glued onto the test piece.

    When everything had dried, the piece looked very much like the sections of the Orbiter covered in AFRSI blankets. In photos, the blankets look very rough, and I've seen an Orbiter up-close and personal (Discovery, in the OPF a few years ago) and I can attest the blankets have a rough texture. The outer surface of a shuttle is a plethora of different textures and sheens, and that presents one of the biggest challenges in modeling the thing.
  6. rlwhitt

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    I for one can't wait to see what the space model master has done with this!

  7. OylPslyk

    OylPslyk Aspiring Usurper

    I found a simple solution to fix this, I just rendered the pdf's raster graphics over to a jpg and it printed correctely.
  8. jparenti

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    I am waiting to see this model finished, too. Very creative solution for the blankets, and I'd love to see the new SSMEs you built!
    And I have to ask: How did you get into the OPF? :grin:
  9. dhanners

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    Sorry for the delay in replying. The build has stalled; I've just had a ton of other things going on. For one thing, I was to play on a Townes Van Zandt tribute show the other night, so I had to learn some songs I didn't know. (Or knew, but hadn't memorized all the words.) Then the car broke down. Then I got sick. You know how it goes.

    Plus, I'm going to have to re-think the way I'm gluing the tissue-paper squares on the model. Maybe I added too much water to the white glue-water mix, but it deformed the paper.

    I want to experiment with the same surgical tape AFSRI blankets I used when building plastic shuttles. But I think I'll lay out a length of tape, brush it with diluted white glue, then stick it to the model part. I need to find some way to affix the blankets that don't deform the paper underneath.

    As far as getting into the OPF, it was after the Challenger accident. In my "day job," I work as a newspaper reporter (just like Clark Kent....) and so I sometimes find myself in places like the OPF, the Cape, Edwards, Huntsville, etc.

    Of course, I also sometimes find myself in places that are quite a bit less exotic....

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