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Discussion in 'Internet Finds' started by underwoodl06, Mar 31, 2008.

  1. jdavalos

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    Congratulations... I've tried to start mine a lot of times, but I'm a little lazy (just a little). Maybe in the next... 10 or 15 years I'll start to ensamble it, I'm not so sure... :)
  2. asroc

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    Hello underwoodl06, I to have worked on this model to try and complete it and have finished KIBO and Columbus, also Node 2 can be made from using the existing Unity module. Im stuck myself on how to make the truss and solar panels along with the arm.

    good luck finishing it!!!!!!
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  4. underwoodl06

    underwoodl06 Member

    Hmm.. How did you manage to make Kibo and Columbus? (do you have any pictures? would be great to see) I have not yet gotten as far as making the modules, I was just told by Mr. Fortezza that he is abroad and will be sending out the model as soon as he returns, which I hope is really soon. Nice to see this thread up and moving again. Thanks guys.
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    Hi, Underwoodl06.

    When I look around the forums, I often find that pictures posted in places like photobucket tend to disappear after a time.

    If you upload pictures here, directly, they tend to stay put.

    Don't use the 'quick reply' box. Use the big blue 'post reply' button.

    Below the message edit box you will see a 'manage attachments' button.
    With this, you can browse your hard drive and upload pictures.

    I hope this helps you.

  6. asroc

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    Hey Underwoodl06, I got some pics of KIBO and Columbus along with the rest of the station you may also notice the PIRS docking Module as well.

    enjoy everyone

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  7. underwoodl06

    underwoodl06 Member

    Oh Very Interesting, Nice work. Where did you get the PIRS docking compartment and the other modules? I'd really like to know :D
  8. NYC Irish

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    oooohhh very nice well done

    John John
  9. asroc

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    I hope everyone enjoyed the pics. So as for the Modules themselves i just did a little modification using scraps that i had screwed up on, also for the PIRS Module I used a tech sheet from the NASA website. Also Columbus i researched using a material pamplet found on the ESA website, and KIBO was done the same way. If you say Dr. Fortezza is finishing this id like to see the remaining pieces it should look great.
  10. underwoodl06

    underwoodl06 Member

    Could you please go into more detail as to how you made the modules? I mean, the shape and structure is almost flawless. How did you get the top
    of the JEM correct? and how did you get the curves of the conicle sections on Columbus? Also, could you please give a link to the material pamphlet for Columbus? I serached all over the site for it but couldn't find it. Thanks and Keep the updates coming.
  11. asroc

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    Hey underwoodl06, I found a link that might help you with Columbus, here it is ( ) this gives you the ins and outs good for scaling and the other is ( ) theres is a little confusing mostly in japanese but with some interesting pics to work from, also i told you i used pieces that i screwed up on well you can use some existing parts such as the conical that attaches Columbus to Node 2 ( conical is from destiny but you would never know it till now) Hey and Greg nice Truss section id like to do that for my build.
  12. underwoodl06

    underwoodl06 Member

    Sorry to say but if says that the Columbus page is not available.
  13. gregmclaren

    gregmclaren gregmclaren

    Hi Asroc! Great job your station!!!I've got a selection of photographies of the S0 truss for you if you want! But I repeat, I have all made this truss by myself. So you won't find a pdf (or others complete plans) of the truss in the web! But I can help you if you want! See you!
  14. asroc

    asroc New Member

    Hey underwoodl 06, I saw what you mean, it looks like they reorganized the site since they put the real thing into orbit and i happened to find what i was looking for try this ( this should work if not ill try and post the pics. Also Greg thanks, the scratch built truss looks like a challenge i might be interested in would like to see those pics, it helps with the build. Finally anyone doing the Japanese HTV??????
  15. asroc

    asroc New Member

    Hey, I tryed the link blocked again but you can still get there try clicking the link then ESA portal , then Human Spaceflight, then Columbus Mission, next Columbus labritory , finally under RELATED ARTICLES: Columbus lab facts there should be the info. sorry for the screw up guys!!!!!!!!wall1
  16. gregmclaren

    gregmclaren gregmclaren

  17. asroc

    asroc New Member

    Hey Greg, I checked those pics and ( S0 proj-1-jpg ) is one that give a good idea of where to start when making the truss. Good collection otherwise.
  18. gregmclaren

    gregmclaren gregmclaren

    Hi everybody!
    I've just made the Node 2 in the scale 1/100 with a mix of AXM paper and Marscenter models! You can see it on my blog:! Now I'm working on the mobile base and on the mobile transporter! Pics soon! See you! Greg
  19. underwoodl06

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    hey there, just to let everyone visiting this thread, we have one going here where you can keep track of my build. so check it out. I am now getting ready to work on JEM. Keep an eye out on the progress.

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