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Discussion in 'Space & Aeronautics' started by jasco, Oct 30, 2007.

  1. jasco

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    Does anyone have or know of pictures of the model Soyuz booster you can get from the Mars Center site? I'm trying to build the rocket, but don't understand the way the four boosters are connected to the bottom of the main body.:curse:
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    I build this model 2 years before but after your post I had to look again to the instruction. I think the only thing you have to do is to glue the top of the boosters to the main body and the bottom to the booster support (as shown below). That´s the way I did it.
    At the moment I am building some different R7 models (Sputnik, Vostok) from Lars Folmann and there it is quite the same way to connect the boosters to the main body.

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  3. BARX2

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    Right. Same as Lars' R-7.
  4. jasco

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    Thanks for the answers, gentlemen. The thing that was throwing me off was that the hole provided in the "lattice" support is a lot bigger than the lower part of the first stage. Should that support piece be all white as provided, or cut out, leaving only the "sticks" of the lattice? I could make just the "sticks" in four separate pieces. I think that would be more realistic than the piece shown, if that is the way it really is. BTW It's really cool that I can communicate with people as far away as Germany and North Carolina in just a matter of hours.
  5. gpw

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    There are some good photos about the booster connections on Laszlo Vadasz webside.


    Go to gallery and look at the photos of R7-Vostok. There is one picture of the bottom area which shows the booster support and connection very well (4th picture from the left side). At all my R7 builds I left only the sticks of the support, but I always reinforced them by laminating to cardstock.

  6. jasco

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    Brilliant! Now it's all clear! Thank you thank you. Fabulous other models, too.

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