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  1. dhanners

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    And I forgot to add -- on the kit part, the "Atlantis" name on the side of the crew compartment is too far back, i.e., too close to the edge where the payload bay doors are. The names should be moved about 3 mm to the front.
  2. underwoodl06

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    I figureed that was the problem with the model because that is the only thing I noticed in the photos you put up earlier.

    I am not sure yet whether or not that I will make the other orbiter models will have open PBDs but I know that I am going to make them in different milestone missions. (i.e Discovery releasing the HST or Endeavour as the last shuttle to visit the ISS; it all depends) So of course a couple will need to be open payloads.

    Happy Holidays and be sure to get more photos of Atlantis for anyone planning on building the Marscenter shuttle.
    Good luck as well on the ET/SRB stack.
  3. Hans Christian

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    and its only the orbiter at the moment... I can only imagine how the whole stack will look like!!!

    Great model!!!
  4. dhanners

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    Among the tweaks I'm embarking upon are sprucing up the payload bay door hinges. The forward six on each side are more like door hinges, while the aft seven are kind of triangular affairs. I replicated mine out of laminated black cardstock -- four laminations for the pieces that make up the forward hinges, two laminations for the pieces that make up the rear ones. The photo ain't the hottest, but hey, it's Christmas Eve so you should be spending time with your families anyway instead of looking at photos....

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  5. Hans Christian

    Hans Christian Active Member

    ...but it still looks great!!!

    now I can see what you did with the PBDs up close!!!

    I think I'll do that to mine later :-D
  6. Shin_kazama

    Shin_kazama Member

    i think it looks like the AXM shuttle nose there, next to the ruler, it i smaller.
  7. exzealot

    exzealot Member

    This is one nice lookin' shuttle!

    It is amazing how paper has certain advantages over plastic. I have stood next to the shuttle at Kennedy Space Port as the sun shined across the surfaces - it's not perfect by a long shot, and you have captured that look very realistically.

  8. dhanners

    dhanners Member

    Thanks again for the kind words. After a few tweaks and fixes, I think I'm 99.8 percent done with the Orbiter. The big thing is -- and this underscores the importance of up-to-date research -- I came across some photos that show AFRSI blankets on top of the crew cabin, so I had to add blankets to that area. While I was working near the crew cabin, I decided to re-do the HRSI tile area between the two inboard crew cabin windows. The kit part didn't seem to have clear enough tile detail, so I cut out some tile area from a photocopy I'd made of some of the kit parts, formed it, cut it to shape and glued it on. Also, the kit parts have an arched top to the black HRSI area between the cabin windows, while on recent Orbiters, the top line is straight. So I corrected that.

    Also, while it appears early shuttle launches didn't have protective covers on the three round RCS exhausts in front of the crew cabin, I found some photos showing they've had protective covers on recent launches. I have no idea when it started. So I added those.

    I also added black tile areas to the inner portions and lower rear sections of the OMS pods. Again, I cut out extra tile pieces from photocopies of kit parts I'd made on regular weight paper.

    I haven't weathered the bottom yet -- I figure I'll do that with an airbrush or pastel chalks -- but I did add a few gray streaks on the nose by dry-brushing with acrylic craft paint. The streaks don't show up that well in the photos.

    Today, I sent a couple of e-mails off to my local copying shop containing pages from Ton's ET and RSRM models. I'm having them re-sized at 104 percent so they'll be 1/96th scale. I figure I'll use his parts either as templates or starting points for my own ET and RSRM builds. I'm still trying to figure out what paper to use to replicate the insulation on the ET. There's a textured, ridged paper that I used on my scratchbuilt Delta IV Heavy and Delta IV Medium(5,4), and while that paper would be perfect for the cylindrical portion of the ET, I don't know how to do the nose or the bottom in a way that would look decent. I may wind up using the same textured paper I used for the AFRSI tiles. Either way, I'll be painting the ET.

    Thanks for all the suggestions, inspiration and kind words about my Atlantis build....

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  9. Hans Christian

    Hans Christian Active Member

    That's a super job there sir!!!

    This will be a stunner once the stack is finally done!!!

    P.S. care to build the Crawler Transporter and the Mobile Launch Platform as well? :twisted:
  10. dhanners

    dhanners Member

    Actually, I've thought about building at least the MLP as a display stand, but I want to see how I feel after I get the ET and RSRMs done; by that time, I may be burned out on shuttle-related stuff.

    Plus, I'd need a decent 1/96th-scale MLP model to work with....
  11. Dyna-Soar

    Dyna-Soar Member

    This thing is several magnitudes of Awesome.
  12. Hans Christian

    Hans Christian Active Member

    No need to rush it sir :-D

    Just proceed when you feel like it :-D

    After all, the quality of your models just shows how much effort you put into those!!!

    We can only watch and admire :-D
  13. underwoodl06

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    Yea I thought I'd seen the three forward thrusters capped during launch. But usually they can be seen blowing out when the main engines ignite.

    About the ET and SRBs stack. I didn't think Ton had released a stack as far as I knew. Could you send a link as to where you got them? Thanks

    The hinges and the extra last minute detail make the model look perfect. It is really a mind blower and I hope to get accurate details on my future builds.

    Good luck with the stack David
  14. dhanners

    dhanners Member

    The ET and RSRMs are on Mr. Leslie's LHVCC site. I thought they (like much of everything else on the site) were designed by Ton, but this one says it was "totally re-designed by Bill" so I guess I should tip my hat to Bill. Whoever Bill is, that is....
  15. dhanners

    dhanners Member

    An update: In taking the photos, I noticed a couple of areas I needed to fix, and also, the wrong location of the NASA meatball on the fuselage sides (the meatball should be smaller and on line with the "United States" lettering) got to really bugging me, so I fixed that.

    The biggest thing, though, is that I used a light gray pastel chalk to add the scorching to the underside, and I'm pleased with how it turned out. Photos tomorrow....
  16. dhanners

    dhanners Member

    Here are a couple of photos of the underside. I used a light gray pastel chalk and dabbed it on using NASA photos as a guide. Then I sprayed on a matte fixative. It's nice to have wife who is an artist and knows how to work in chalk....

    I also covered the old NASA meatball on the fuselage sides and glued on a new one in the correct place, and corrected some of the rear RCS panels on the OMS pods. The upper panel on the OMS RCS extensions should be white, not black as on the model, so I changed it. Both of those fixes can be seen in the last photo.

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  17. paulhbell

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    Those engine bells are amazing. Well done.
  18. bill516

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    you dont have to tip your hat, just make my model look as good as you have the fortezza shuttle, and I will be over the moon with it. I know that is a forgone conclusion, your work is well totally awesome

    Just so you know I did try my best to scale this beast but I was converting to metric from imperial but I dont know what formula my calculator was using to convert the measurements. I think I rounded to three or four decimal places to keep it as accurate as I could. I should have worked in imperial, but I have been seduced by the dark side.:rolleyes:

    The colour of the ET, all I know is they dont do it in green, or do they. If you want to do the tank a different colour just give me a nod or whatever I've got the tank with no colour so you can print on coloured card

  19. dhanners

    dhanners Member

    Are you the "Bill" (Spencer?) that designed the ET and RSRMs on the LHVCC site? If so, in looking over the pages, the parts look very good. Judging from photos of the model as others have built it, it obviously builds into a fine ET and RSRM.

    As it stands now, for the ET, I'll be using your parts (once they're enlarged to 104 percent) as templates to cut parts out of a rust-ish colored textured craft paper that I picked up yesterday at an art supply store. It looks like it'll be pretty close to the "real" color and I can add the "discolorations" with pastel chalk.

    I may use the RSRM parts "as is" (once enlarged) but add some 3D details on the nose and forward section, as well as the systems tunnel.
  20. bill516

    bill516 Member

    OK you got me, I'll hold my hands up to designing it.

    Just realised if you try to contact me by the email address I put on the instructions you wont get me, I moved isp.

    Will be in lurking mode to see whats going on.


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