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  1. Snowbound

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    Any of you folks model Marklin? My mom just brought me all my Dad's & my old Marklin stuff. Man, I forgot how many locos we had... proably $2-3k worth, all digital. I was just going to put it up on a shelf, but somehow I have a feeling that I won't be able to resist at least building at least a little layout for this stuff. Maybe just a loop for the kids. Marklin is good for kids, they can run it at 1000 scale MPH & it stays on the rails :D
  2. S 3/6

    S 3/6 Member

    I'm new to the forum, but I am an avid Marklin fan.. just started on my permanent layout last month (see my profile and my .mac webpage for pics).. I wish there were more Marklin fans here in the US, but I'm afraid that it's more of a European brand, partly due to price and their emphasis on German/Euro prototypes, and partly because of the lack of DCC compatibility. But I liken Marklin to Macintosh, it's more expensive, easier to use, but only a small segment of the world knows about it!
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    marklin is great stuff! The stuff looks great and it's durable. I'd love to have a marklin collection, but it is expensive and rare in this country. Then again, I'd also like to have a lionel collection, a garden g-scale layout, live steam...

    I worked with a museum in setting up a marklin display about 10 years ago. The person who donated the collection had it set up for command control, which we had to remove as per design criteria for our display...

  4. shaygetz

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    Rescued from a trip to the dumpster, runs every Christmas pulling 4 tinplate passenger cars over older three-rail track...I just love Marklin :thumb: :thumb:

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  5. S 3/6

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    A real beauty Bob...

    I have nothing that classic in my collection yet, but I'm looking for good running examples.
  6. shaygetz

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    Thanks, it's a model of a DNR O1 4-6-2 (I think :D ) that appears to have been made around 1949-51. Judging from the newspaper it was wrapped in, it last saw daylight after the christmas hilidays in 1956. I cleaned its wheels, oiled it up and put it on the track after I found a 110-220 step down transformer for the power pack. It coughed twice and has run like a watch ever since.

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