Marklin spur 1 verus LGB

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  1. Greenman_Belg

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    Marklin spur 1 versus LGB

    Well here it is I was considering Marklins 54425 digital starter set when it hits the shops and then mixing and matching with LGB. Was out in the club talking to our spur1/G scale expert.
    First bit of bad news I heard was Marklin wagons don't hitch to LGB and visa versa :-(
    Then he says LGB are out of scale and are just like toys where as Marklin are the business ie very accurate.
    I'm thinking of a garden railway in the future and I've heard LGB are very rugged against dampness and dirt not sure about Marklin.

    Please let me know what you think!!!

    Regards JD!!!!.
  2. krokodil

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    The Marklin Scale one models are excellent - but are different from LGB in the scale:

    LGB is 1:22,5
    Scale 1 is 1:35,

    ie. the Marklin models are smaller, use the same gauge of track however the apperance of LGB track under scale 1 models is very bad . (The rails are very tall, the switches very toy like).

    LGB was originally a narrow gauge line - however the scale reduction was not always correct and consequent.
    Both are very reliable also for outdoor use.

    Look to the link of our Scale 1 club:

    (There are also few LGB models)
  3. Greenman_Belg

    Greenman_Belg New Member

    Thanks for that, I'm really torn between Marklin for indoors as I think they are too good for outdoors??? and LGB for outdoors, I wonder do LGB do radio controlled?? ard can you tell me any RC manufacturers??
    Thanks for all and the spur 1 link is very interesting.
  4. krokodil

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    We have few radio controlled locomotives (mainly real steam), and also few electrics.

    The radiocontrollers are the same used for modellcar controls (receiver controls the power to the motor(s) ). On real steam engines the servos used also in airplanes controls the throttle and other devices.

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