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Discussion in 'FAQs' started by Collyn, Nov 30, 2006.

  1. Collyn

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    I has In the hobby shop the other day and they had some marklin catalogs. I was looking threw the brochers and all the rolling stock had some weird couplers. They looked like they locked together, not prototypical looking eathier. Is all of their rolling stock like this. Can they be switched out. My parents are going to germany next year and wanted to know if I wanted anything from the catalog
  2. 60103

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    Collyn: That's theri coupling. The loop on one rises up and drops ober the hook on the other one. I think the second loop probably falls on top of the first one.
    Most of the newer rolling stock has the NEM coupler pocket. The coupling can be pulled out and replaced with a Kadee (4 lengths of NEM compatibles).
    However, Marklin uses 3-rail track and most of the wheel-and-axle sets are solid metal. These will create short circuits on a 2-rail layout. I think they have a 2-rail equivalent, but I forget the name.
    Markiln's couplings were developed at the time that European couplers were mostly a hook with 3 metal links dangling from it. Those were impossible to model in automated form, so this contraption was developed.
  3. Collyn

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    The track in the pictures in the brochers are diffinantly 2 rail. HO by the way
  4. Biased turkey

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    As mentioned by 60103, Marklin is 3 rails AC ( just purchased their steam starter kit 3weeks ago ) but they have a HO line named TRIX that is 2 rails DC . In the sixties, Trix was independent but they have been absorbed by Marklin.
    They have quite a lot of American rolling stock and locomotives:

    Check the review subforum, there is a post about a review of the Trix Mikado.
  5. Triplex

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    Look more closely. Marklin isn't 3-rail in the way Lionel O is. There are only two continuous rails, but a little metal contact on the middle of each tie.
  6. Collyn

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    Now that I look at it your right There is a contact in the middel, I was looking for a third rail like lionel
  7. 60103

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    Marklin's system is called stud contact. I think they switched to it after WW2; they definitely had it by the late 50s. Before that they had a 3rd rail system.
    Lots of scale modellers had stud contact at a time when 3 rail locomotives were all that came ready to run (talking England here). I think Peco still have stud contact strip to go with their track.

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