Maria from metropolis

Discussion in 'General Card Modeling' started by jacksparrow, Jul 21, 2010.

  1. jacksparrow

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    Yeah, I've seen it on UHU02's site, and I want it. The problem is the *coughcoughlibrarycoughcough* doesn't have it. Anyone willing to PM the file to moi?
  2. Bengt F

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    Maria Robot Model from 'Metropolis'

    Hi jacksparrow,

    I have it on the separate drive somewhere - if you send me your e-mail address in a PM, I will send it to you as soon as I find it!


    It's a very fine model, with great detailing. Have you seen the digitally restored silent movie 'Metropolis' by Fritz Lang, by the way? It was the most expensive silent movie made, when it was being filmed in Berlin in the late 1920s. It's a breathatking experience with stunning trick cinematography, even to this day.


    Bengt in Sweden :wave:
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  4. Ron Caudillo

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    Maria model

    Hey Jacksparrow,
    If you go to Uhu's ste and leave him a request, I'm sure he will reply positively to you. I have chatted with him a few times via e-mail and he is a very reasonable man if you are nice and civil.

    He is also a member of this group and you can PM him too.

    Best Regards,
    Ron Caudillo
  5. jacksparrow

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    Thanks, But I already got it from Bengt.
    And the 1:1 replica is amazing!!


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