Marek TA-183

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  1. Stev0

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    Now I definitely need to find this model. =O
  2. eric_son

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    Very nice!
  3. bclemens

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    Rockpaperscissors wrote:
    Very nice job. I like the way you turned the nose wheel a bit. Adds a lot of interest. It's also apparent that you are taking pains to ensure that nothing will be aligned in your display: tarmac slabs not parallel to the sides of the base, aircraft not parallel to either the tarmac sections or the sides of the base. Ultimately the final display will be much more dynamic as a result. Nicely done all around.

    Nothing, this was exactly what I was thinking as I scrolled through your build. My wife is an art professor and one of the many things that have rubbed off on me from her is the concept of Contrapposto. Contrapposto - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    You have incorporated it very well in this model. It creates a dynamic tension that increases visual interest exponentially. Well done! Ultimately we are all artists, and we need to be aware of the techniques artists have used through the ages to direct attention, create a particular atmosphere, and make a statement. Great job on this Huckebein!
  4. Dragos

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    I definitely have to build it one day. Altrough it was ment to fly in '45-46 it looks like a modern aircraft. Those germans knew how to build a plaine.
  5. Nothing

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    yes this is actually 1 of the few proposals that made it to prototype stage. the mig 15 was developed based on this plane.
  6. lriera

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    I didn't know that. What they did? Toke the german engineers to Moscow?
  7. Nothing

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    after the war it was a race between the americans and soviets for german technologies and scientists. there are many examples of german concepts incorperated into both sides aeronautical developement. as well as rocket and weapon technologies.both countries space programs were started by german scientists. all of todays "smart " weapons can be traced directly to german WWII experimental programs.
  8. Dragos

    Dragos Active Member

    They call it Operation Paperclipper
  9. charliec

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    Exactly so. There were a small number of the Luft 46 designs built by the Soviets after WW2 with help from captured German engineers. The USA also had a number of programs with significant input from German engineers in the 1940s/50s.

    It used to be said cynically (back in the 1960s) that the reason the USA got to the moon in 1969 before the Soviets was that the American Germans were better than the Soviet Germans.


  10. eric_son

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    I'm glad you also believe that the MiG-15 was developed from Kurt Tank's Ta-183. Many references have the Russians denying that they based their MiG-15's design on this... They insist that the MiG-15 was independently developed without reference to Tank's design.

    I'd like believe otherwise. :)
  11. Stev0

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    Cool ... *filed under new thing I learned today*

    Guess the Soviets got more than the STG44.
  12. Dragos

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    Actually a know that the Mig-15 haven't been developed from Ta-183. Many of the germans scientists had gone to the US because they were afraid of the comunists. The soviet captured few Me-252 and some useless Me-163. They developed the Su-9 who are very similar with the Me-262. Later Mikoyan inserted the engine inside the fuselage and so Mig-9 appeared. But the airplaines were inferior to their capitalists enemies
    In the 40's before the beginning of the Cold War Mikoyan and Gurevici visited a Rolls-Royce factory in Great Britain , and Mikoyan gained a Rolls-Royce engine after he had won a bet. Mean time a member of the delegation (a KGB agent) had a sticky shoe and as he walk in the factory he collected alloy samples. Back home in USSR they copyied and improuved the engine. Inspired by the F-86Sabre they developed a new fuselage and so the Mig-15 has born.
  13. lriera

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    Woauuuu, all of you know a lot about this theme. I am learning a lot, as usuall.

    Thank you Nothing and all the rest.
  14. exzealot

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    Nice job! Another fine example of the level of German engineering and innovation that came toward the end of the war.

    Thanks for the many pictures of the build too.

  15. eric_son

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    As for the Huckebein's fate after the war.. if my memory serves me right, Kurt Tank didn't want to help the Allies. Instead, he went to Argentina where he continued work on the Huckebein and eventually developed the Pulqui. The Pulqui didn't go far though, especially after funding ended when Juan Peron got overthrown.

    Anyway, with the Huckebein all done, I'm eager to see continuation on the P.1101 build. :D
  16. OhioMike

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    A very beautiful build! Very, very clean. What type of adhesive did you use and how did you apply it? My brief analysis based only on visual comparisons leads me to believe that the russians developed the Yak 23 from this design then maybe everything else evolved from there?
  17. Dragos

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    Before Yak-23 was Yak-15 and Yak-17, so I think that 23 derives from the 15 and 17. Anyway they have not been a great succes.

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  18. Nothing

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    the mig 15 wasnt designed as a copy of the ta 183 but the aeronautic design and engineering concepts are what was used in the design of the mig 15. with the exception of the b-29 there is no one thing that influences a developement. with the british engine and Tank principles brought the mig 15 together.

    thanks. i use sobe and cyanoacylate glue. the cyanoacrylate i have in 3 different thickness. and i use a toothpick for application. what kind of joint i whant determines what glue i use. the sobe is alot like whit glue but has a stronger bond dries fast and is felexible when dri. the other leaves a hard fixed joint.
  19. zizi6785

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    Too late to win the war!

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