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Discussion in 'Competitions' started by cgutzmer, Apr 13, 2009.

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  1. Texman

    Texman Guest

    I hope the child is ok.

    However, the landing gear problem might be better served if you cut a little extra
    paper on the inside (hidden) portion of the landing gear part, begin to roll the part, coat the inner areas with CA to harden, and then continue rolling the extra
    material tightly to the inside. Then, you could coat with CA, just to give it the extra strength. Gotta be careful tho. To much CA will crystallize, turn white, and cause a sandpaper like texture to occur. If you wind up with a shiny part, you could then spray a matte finish on it to take off the shine.

  2. cgutzmer

    cgutzmer Guest

    HOLY COW! I am glad he is ok :( How old is the child?

    You can use thread for all the rigging. You can coat it with white glue hang a weight on the end and tie it up to dry straight. Or you can just sew it through the wing and pull it taught :)

    sanded down toothpicks would work fine for the landing gear if you are careful to not change the size of the finished piece too much.
  3. Elliott

    Elliott Senior Member

    That could have been tragic. Was the child injured? I'd be leery of matchsticks and the like as they could cause the same kind of problem as the wire. Not to belabor the point - best thing is make certain they are out of young nephew's reach when he comes over. Glad it was no worse.

    How's the plane, btw?
  4. cgutzmer

    cgutzmer Guest

    I wanted to announce that Marek has sent me LOTS of brand spankin new models that are now added to the contest - check them out on the spreadsheet:
    Here is a quick list of the new additions (some are already taken and some are already for sale) If you want one you need to sign up for it on the sheet - first come first served! Please dont sign up for one if you are already working on one ;)
    Heinkel He-51W ccoyle
    A5M4 cjwalas sent
    Fokker D-VI
    Heinkel HE-51
    CW-21 Demon
    Focke Wulf ta-183 Nothing has file DONE
    Bloch MB-152
    Sopwith Snipe 7.F1
    Pfalz D-XII zigzag
    Pfalz D-XII green tail
    Albatross CXII German
    Albatross CXII Polish
    Lublin R-XIII D
    Lublin R-XIII TER
    PZL62 Project (contains three variants)
    Caudron C-714 Cyclone
    Junkers D-1
    A5M4 Claude
    B-24 Liberator
  5. doctormax

    doctormax Member

    wow more, may want to extend the marathon a little :thumb: like by ten years, do i think Nothing will have them all built by next weekend.... the nephew is fine by the way now, just gone four the nephew that has a taste for card modele How is Nothings Ak47 going do you know. i am looking forward to seeing what his looks like. because his guns are super really.. his navy colt 1851 just looks super, where is Nothing making the time to do the models he must have an army of builders working with him sign1.
  6. 3Turner

    3Turner Member

    Is it too late to get into this marathon?

    I've been busy for the last 3 months and stumbled onto this thread when I was browsing through the forum. Really, I've gotten more into photography and completed models would be a great subject for me to play around with. All the free models I have done in the past have been "crashed" while my son plays with them before I've taken any pictures. LOL!
  7. cgutzmer

    cgutzmer Guest

    Yeah its open til the end of July! I will get your model request out this afternoon, gotta leave for Karate now....
  8. 3Turner

    3Turner Member

    Excellent...thanks Chris.

  9. doctormax

    doctormax Member

    wow problems with google mail and had to set up a new account to even see what is left. seen the ak47 by trent all i can say is Wow. wish i had that one and not the Martin Posler rubbish...
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