Marek 1:33 scale Corsair F4U-1A

Discussion in 'Aircraft & Aviation' started by billmcc, Jul 28, 2004.

  1. billmcc

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    Hi All,

    Does the Marek 1:33 scale Corsair have cockpit details and wheel wells?
    Has anyone built this model?
  2. Huey

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  3. rowiac

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    You might also want to check out the 1:32 scale Corsair from Betexa. It's a reasonably priced model with cockpit details, wheel wells, weathering and high quality printing.

  4. billmcc

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    Thank you for the URL. That website is very informative. According to the write-up at that website, the wings on Marek's Corsair will not come out with the correct shape. I wanted a Corsair because of its unique wing shape. I think I will pass on Marek's Corsair.
  5. Ron

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    I think what Doug was saying was that the wings *could* be forced to the correct shape if a bridge was made to join the 2 wing spars. It doesn't sound like a big enough issue to discount the kit alltogether

  6. DeWayne

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    There are a few things the reviewer forgot to mention such as on the CD you get the option of BMP images, PDF and the Corel file.

    Model is designed so it can be constructed with folded or flight configured wings. Built up engine that begs for super detail and would look good in a cowl off display.

    I never did see a reference to a 'fan' behind the prop. There may well be one but not in the C-V schematics, Squadron books and Aero Detail I have. Could be I have old copies or this was an addition done after delivery.

    On the inverted wing.. I believe the problem may have been technique. I have built several and have not had the problem he mentions about holding shape, but then again, I build most of my models using 110 pound cardstock.

    Anybody considering this Corsair, take note: I do strongly suggest this not be attempted by someone who has only moderate skills. This is a complicated model and will easily frustrate any who attempt to build without the necessary background. I will gladly assist in any problem areas you may encounter but again, I strongly suggest you have reasonable experience before taking on this kit.

    I don't object to negative hits on a model that has been reviewed no matter who the reviewer is but I do expect objectivity and the high points as well as the low covered.

    One more little thing, There's an 'e' between the 'D' and 'W' of ...

  7. damraska

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    Hi All,

    As I stated in my review, I really liked Marek's 1:33 scale Corsair, it being a good model for my skill level at the time. However, I did encounter some problems during construction. Building up the gear boxes in the wings was difficult at the time, but the parts fit well. The fuselage skin wrapping the cockpit area did not fit quite right and did necessitate some reshaping. This may well have occurred as a result of my build. Finally, my wings would not attach correctly despite my efforts, causing noticeable droop. This droop occurred during construction, not as the result of subsequent stresses on the model, which was built using 90 pound card stock. Since DeWayne indicates his models of the same plane do not have this problem, this must represent a construction error on my part. That being said, a spar connecting the two wings would ensure correct wing geometry, which was my point.

    I will update my review to clarify the points above and stress positive qualities of the model, of which there are many. I will also fix DeWayne's name where it occurs on my website.

    Some other notes:

    I could not confirm the existence of engine fan blades on Corsairs. I suspect they never had them.

    The engine includes good detail, but not the complexity featured on recent kits by GPM or Halinski.

    I would not recommend this kit to a novice, but anyone with moderate skills can handle it. The ability to reprint and try again makes kits like this approachable for less skilled builders.

    Finally, it was not my attention to write a negative review. I actually liked the model and still do. I hope my brief comments will help other builders mitigate the problems I had.

  8. DeWayne

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    Thank you very much. I appreciate the feedback on this and a little more balance on the comments.

    It is a tough kit and I did much reprinting when I did mine. This was why I stressed experience when building it at the time of release.

    I am learning to repaint and with Mareks approval, I intend to release several more variations of livery in this kit and will address the wing spar tie in. Any "Re-paint" specialists have a version they would like to see in publication, contact me off list and we will arrange

    If any one has a suggestion of livery they would like to see upload a picture to this thread and let's see what we can do. Remember, this is an F4U-1A and paint will have to be from this series.

    Again, thank you.
  9. billmcc

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    Please let us know when a wing spar tie has been added to this model. Are you going to add a wing spar tie to the 1:50 scale Corsair?

    Also, please do more variations of livery on the P-51 Mustang.
  10. adensley

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    Just to clarify, no model of the Corsair has an engine cooling fan between the propellor and the front of the engine. That is a feature more seen on the early Fw-190 series aircraft, like the Fw-190A.

    Thus it is no wonder you find no reference to the Corsair having one, you are searching for something that does not exist.

    Corsairs in the markings of the Royal New Zealand Air Force and the Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm would be great. I am pretty sure they both used examples of the -1A.


  11. Texman

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    I must say, a Fleet Air Arm corsair would be cool. But, it would
    require some modification of the basic kit, the most noticable
    of which would require "clipping" the wingtips.

  12. damraska

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    I finally had time to update this review.


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