Marauder Bomber (Patoroch template)

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  1. Hey all, so found this forum a little bit ago when I was looking for more templates by the ever amazing Patoroch, and I was like "Woah, there's more then 5 people in the world who do this?" So just joined the forums a little bit ago. Little bit of shameless self-plugging here.

    I've gotten into live streaming recently. Precently my live streams show my efforts to construct a Maruader super heavy bomber using Patoroch's template. It's also a learning experience with streaming so there's a lot of stuff I do later on in the streams that I wasn't doing earlier (like taking pictures). And speaking of pictures here are pics of the Marauder so far:
    SAM_2943.JPG SAM_2944.JPG SAM_2945.JPG SAM_2946.JPG SAM_2947.JPG SAM_2948.JPG SAM_2949.JPG SAM_2950.JPG

    I've also loaded most of the live stream videos of the build progress of this monster to YouTube if anyone wants to check it out.

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    You can embed your YouTube videos by highlighting and Copying the "Share" code at YouTube, and pasting it here by using the button that has the "Celluloid Squares" on the toolbar . I did it for you in your thread, so you could see it (by Editing you thread, you'll see the method, just Paste the URL that you "Copied" from YouTube's share code.
  3. Just a heads up, I'll be streaming Monday from 5pm EST till 11-ish or so and I'll be working on the Marauder. Probably be finishing it up monday too. You can follow the live stream here, or check it out on my YouTube Channel the next day.
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    That's a neat idea. I'll be in the road, but maybe I can visit the video when I get settled. On another note, the Marauder looks like it's coming along fantastically. I do love the 40K universe and really enjoy watching the builds come together from all the great modelers here. Keep it up, and thanks for sharing.
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    It looks like you are off to a great start with this project. I like the idea of using a cereal box to reenforce most of the parts. the only thing is, is that you have to take into consideration the added thickness and possibly sand some areas down to get a tight and proper fit. The good thing is you will not need glue tabs or glue strips for the joints.
    I am looking forward to seeing how this model turns out.
  6. You can follow me live on Twitch at the link I provided above, or you can check out the video the next day on You Tube.
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    You are building a model LIVE? Wow, that sounds awesome. I think no-one has ever done that before here. :)
  8. Yes sir! Live on Twitch. No edits, no time lapse, no post production. If I eff up, I eff up on camera for everyone to see!

    And I welcome, and encourage, people to call me on said 'eff up, if not I will look at how I effed up and work to correct it on my own. The entire point of my blog and web presence is for one of encouraging experimentation and new efforts and to never be afraid of messing up, just be afraid of giving up.
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    Just don't die on the air. I'd be waiting a half hour or so before I figured out something was wrong!! Maybe you should have an "In case I Keel Over Call This Number" posted in the corner. :)

    This model is going to be excellent when painted up. It's coming out really well. ;)
  10. Hehe no worries. I tend to talk a lot so if I were to drop dead on screen it's be pretty obvious that I was dead.

    So, 21 hours and 39 minutes later.... construction of the Marauder is complete!

    For anyone interested in the self torture:

    The Play list with all of the videos on it.

    Or each individual video:

    Model Time (September 2):

    Model Time (September 9):

    Model Time (September 13): [Had a bit of technical problems this night so had to do it in 2 parts]
    Part 1:

    Model Time (September 14):
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  11. and since I can't do a message with 6 videos in it:

    Model Time (September 19):
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    Excellent!! :)

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