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  1. SeriousSam

    SeriousSam Member

    Hello, I have seen a couple of Broadway Limited SD40s and i was wondering what you guys (and gals) thought of these? I have seen a couple at an N Scale hobby dealer and for some reason, they are two or even three times more expensive than Kato units. Can anyone give me any info on these? Thanks
  2. Agatheron

    Agatheron Member

    The primary reason the Broadway Imports ones are the price they are is that they are made out of Brass. I've never seen a brass model run, but they are reputed to be superbly detailed units...

    Probably one of the more experienced modellers could shed some more light on this...
  3. coaster

    coaster Member

    Broadway Limited N Scale SD40s??
  4. SeriousSam

    SeriousSam Member

    it might have been HO. I must have confused them because I was holding two golden metallic colored ones, but one was N and the other HO. If I did, my bad. But i do remember reading Broadway Limited one one of them, and i also remember going WHOAH when i saw the price list for both locomotives.

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