manufacturer of Wabash 452?

Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by pyroguy_3, Jul 17, 2005.

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    Hi, I found my dad's old ho set from about the 60's and i'm trying to get the two engines back to working order. the one i need help with is the one that has 'wabash 452' on the side. it's motor is burned out and i want to try to find a replacement that is as close to the orriginal as possible. Its wheels run from rubberbands on a drive train. a picture of the shell is on the attachment. any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    First welcome to the forum.. :D
    Now the good news/bad news/good news...The good news is that is a Athearn GP7..The bad news its currently out of production and Athearn no longer makes the HI-FI(rubber band drive) for the GP7.The good news is you can ready find the GP7 with the improved gear drive on e bay or local Train Shows and your engine body will fit that drive.As far as finding a replacement motor you *might* want to find a Athearn(out of production) RDC and try to use that motor..You can check with and ask them.Athearn still makes the rubber bands.BTW..That engine was made in the 50s and was discontinue after Athearn produce a gear drive for their locomotives.
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    wow thank you so much. i really appreciate the detailed response. hopefully i'll be able to get the engine back in order. I look forward to starting in ho and i think this sight will help alot. thanks again.

    Andrew Buettner.
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    if your interested in putting it back to hi fi i have a motor and several axles pm me.
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    i purchased newer versions of that model at a train show last year in Michigan with the direct drive and one with flywheels, for a cost of like 15 bucks a piece. soif you go to the shows you can find them, just swap shells and your set.
  6. Well glad to find this site. I have this gp7 rbd in working order. So if pyroguy3 wants to get rid of the rbd style wabash im intrested. I always need parts for trains. I have pretty good size collection. 73 to be exact. Have 7 rbd trains. From b&o post office , wabash an others. I'm missing horn and rails. Plus there are 2 holes in top almost half way. Don't know what goes there. Also how to list a value on something like this. Everything works on it. Minus yellow and purple rubber bands i got from my friends daughter for it
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    Old VCR's used many sized high quality rubber belts and square rubber )-rings for the drive wheels, that would make great drive pulleys I had an Electronic repair shop for 10 years, still have a lot of these old rubber parts which I have used to repair many otherwise irreparable objects, as the rubber was of extreme high quality. A dab of brake fluid will bring many of these back to life, just do not leave it on too long, wipe it off after around 15 to 20 seconds. Better to re-apply than over do it and have the rubber swell beyond use. :)
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    Athearn Parts, but if to the left of the cab is a L in a circle that is a Lionel release. Athearn made for Lionel in 1956 or 57, not sure without a trip to HOseeker. A Wabash GP7 was listed in one of their, Lionel's, first catalog. Athearn also made a pair of Athearn Hustlers for sale by Lionel. One was U.S.Navy in blue. The other DRGW in orange and black with a snow plow in front instead or a coupler. Both the GP and the hustler used Athearn Hi-Fi drives. As to replacement drive belts, measure the size you need and get O rings, or rubber bands.
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