Mannnn I really hate it when they do this!

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  1. lester perry

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    Yes I was on one of those trains. I knew they had a diesel some where close by but not sure where it was. That was one awesome ride. We reached speeds in excess of 75 MPH. Had a bearing go out on open side car that follows locomotive just before reaching Port Jervis. They repaired it in time for return trip. My uncle fired that locomotive in the tests on Chessie system in early 70s. He was telling me that winter had record cold the diesel fuel jelled up and shut them down. 614 kept on rolling right past stalled diesel's.
  2. isboris4449

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    Is it Ross Roland, of AFT and High Iron fame you are thinking of?

  3. lester perry

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    My uncle fired for Ross Roland. I spoke to Mr Roland about it when I rode the train in NJ. And he remembered it all very well. The reason my uncle was chosen was he was the only one in that part of WV. who was qualified to do it. As he was a fireman in the 40s before he became an engineer
  4. Gary Pfeil

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    Yes, it was Ross Roland. That was one impressive loco! I did not ride behind it, but chased it a bit, or rather set up a couple times as it was impossible to stay ahead of it for much of the route. Stood too close a couple times for good photos, but sure felt it go by!
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    I don't know if you are aware of this, but the Chessie gave control of the 614 to Ross after the 2101/AFT1 was destroyed as an operable steam locomotive in a roundhouse fire. The 614 is a very impressive steam locomotive, and in my opinion the C&O's Greenbriars were some of the finest examples of 4-8-4's ever built, and mind you, that statement is coming from somebody with an extreme personal bias on the subject, LOL.

  6. Gary Pfeil

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    Hi Tom, I was aware that the 614 replaced another loco destroyed in a roundhouse fire, but didn't remember which on e that was. T he 614, shortly after the above mentioned trip, was going to have some upgrades, including diesel mu controls and ditch lights applied to meet requirements for mainline running but as I recall something broke and was too expensive to repair and so she is done. Can anybody supply details?
  7. lester perry

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    Last I heard about it was that it was sold at auction and now is somewhere in NE. PA. It needs new boiler tubes. And there is no $$$$$$$$$$
  8. boppa

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    im wondering if it has anything to do with safety issuses
    3801 was rearended by a elec train back in the early 90's here in nsw
    apparently it lost traction on a steep grade and they sanded the tracks, causing the train to dissappear from the boards altogether. while it was still stalled in the same spot
    result was elecar got the allclear and smacko

    bad :-(

    as a result all steam engines were banned from nsw tracks(thankfully since overturned)
  9. boppa

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    possible nother reason why-when i saw 3801 over in casino-she was hauling a water tanker at the back
    not many water towers are left for some reason ;-)

    so maybe the diesel is for long waterless stretches where the steamer would have had water towers in the olden days??

    just my musings on the subject

    edit change tender to tanker ...bit of a difference..

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