Mama didn raise no fool

Discussion in 'Zealot Archives' started by Darwin, Apr 9, 2007.

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    Yesterday the furnace decided to do it's annual crapout....this time, just after opening time for the repair service and on a windless, sunny day when it got up to 65 deg. F (last time was one am on New Years Day with a minus 20 deg. F. blizzard outside). When help arrived, all that was needed was a couple of good jiggles to the flue temperature cutoff switch (must not have been holding my tongue just right when I did that) and a recommend that I run the cleaning brush down the flue stack. Today (Easter Sunday) we went into town to see if a restaurant was open....not only was our favorite open but the waitress never once had to be asked to refresh the coffee cup. Made it completely through town twice (36 total non-synchronized traffic lights) without hitting a single one red. When we stopped at the supermart to pick up some pop, they had Testor's model supplies marked 50% off. My momma didn't raise no fool....I bought lottery tickets.
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    It was your lucky day, isn't it good when everything rolls the way you wish?
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