Maly Modelarz- still in business?

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  1. Erik J

    Erik J Member

    Hi gang,
    The latest model I can find from Maly Modelarz is the Sea King from September, 2008. Has Maly produced anything since then?

    - Erik
  2. lehcyfer

    lehcyfer Member

    MM has a long (circa 1,5 year) gap in actual dating of the issues and the date of their emission.
    The sea King went into sales 3 months ago. Now in sale is Galeon "Golden Hind" - a sailing ship in scale 1:100

    EDIT: MM is trying to get the dates right eventually, by publishing issues that cover several months - the Westland Sea King Mk.41 is dated 10-11-12/2008 - the Golden Hind 1-2-3/2009
  3. Erik J

    Erik J Member

    For keeping track of Maly kits the only dates useful are those in the kit titles. So, the Sea King is dated July 2008 and came out 3 months ago? Interesting. Is the Golden Hind labeled with a 2008 or a 2010 date?

    I made a spreadsheet with kits broken out by year using the dates on the cover and on the back page ads and noticed a big blank spot from the Sea King to today- thus my question. I wonder what the year 1957 kits looked like. A lot has evolved since those early days.

    - Erik
  4. lehcyfer

    lehcyfer Member

    Here you can see MM models made by various Polish modelers - it's a good place to peruse those models.

    Older MMs are available as scans on CDs - you can buy them on official MM site.
    As for Golden Hind, it's dated 1-2-3/2009. It's plans can be found in journal "Modelarz" 1/2010:

    The MM's cover:

    A few photos of what's inside:
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    In the next MM there will be German airplane He-111H6 He-111H6He-111H6He-111H6
  5. Erik J

    Erik J Member

    It is great to know two new Maly kits are available and more will surely follow. I scan my old original unbuilt kits and edit colors and lines to improve appearance. That has not worked with the purple P-47. Whoever colored that one must have been drinking heavily that night!
    - Erik
  6. paperdave

    paperdave New Member

    Hi there erik
    Have a maly kit here from 1957 Nr 1 actually.
    It seemed later on they duplicated a lot of kits
    with newer numbers.
    I have uploaded just a couple of sheets as an

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  7. lehcyfer

    lehcyfer Member

    New model is HMS Dreadnought in 1:200 scale, price 35 PLN.


    Here you can see what's inside.

    Model is splendid. I'm really excited.

    Still, there's one little error - the rung nr 9 is mistakenly printed smaller - you need to scan it and print it at 109%

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