Maly Modelarz F-14 Tomcat

Discussion in 'Aircraft & Aviation' started by rickstef, May 29, 2005.

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    Hi rickstef,
    It does look good on the pictures from the conradus forum.
    I have subscription for MM and soon will be getting it in the mail. If you want this model I suggest we trade since I am not going to use it. I only build WW2 planes and would gradly exchage F 14 for a WW2 plane.
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    THIS may help you.

    I looked into the model in a shop, and it looks really good. If you like Tomcats, you should have a lot of fun building this model. The level of detail is medium or even quite high, the print quality - superb, though there is no weathering, and the black outlines are too thick, as for me. So, the graphics isn't as beautiful as in Camel, but you can't complain about the print quality itself. Anyway, I'd say it is the best jet ever published in MM.
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    F-14 Maly

    Hi ,
    I'm looking for some building pictures of F-14 of Maly.
    I'm not find any pictures of building
    You can help me?
    thanking you in advance
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  6. Yehuda

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    F-14 Maly

    Thanks a lot !
    I'ts a very complicated model

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