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Discussion in 'Aircraft & Aviation' started by exzealot, Dec 23, 2007.

  1. exzealot

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    A couple of years ago, I bought Halinski's P51 on Ebay from CDRTED (a forum member). When he sent me the model, he also included Maly's Dinah for free. The model is circa 91, and it is printed on paper that reminds me of thick newsprint. However, this was my first paper model, and I thought if I could make this one look good, then I could invest the time on more complicated models. My build of the Dinah is not prize-winning, but I thought this thread was worth telling the story. Note: I am a terrible photographer. I like to show a lot of junk in the background.

    CDRTED: Do you remember sending this to me? Thanks - it provided me with confidence and invaluable experience.


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  2. cmdrted

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    Hi, I sure do, it looks very good, you've done well! Now hows about getting on with that Halinski!
  3. shoki2000

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    If this is your first paper model then you are master modeler and tackling Halinski's kits with gadzilion parts will be a snap for you.
    This is one very nice model you built here....
  4. Lex

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    Nice, clean work on a Maly kit Ken!
  5. sakrison

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    Maly's older kits may look rough and primitive compared to the newer offerings, but, as you've shown us, they can still be fun to build and display.

    Nice work!

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