Maly Modelarz 2001-04-05 Dr.1

Discussion in 'Aircraft & Aviation' started by Ron, Apr 26, 2004.

  1. Ron

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    Hi all

    I've added another model to the continuously growing pile :) I've had Maly's Dr.1 sitting around for some time now just beckoning to me to start. 2 years ago I started this one only to find that the former material I was using was too thick. If you're going to build this one, use 1mm or just slightly under. Anything over will not work.

    The construction starts with building a superstructure that almost seems strong enough to stand on :) If things are cut with care, everything goes together nicely and is almost self-squaring. The fuselage panels (2 sides, bottom and top panels) are all separate and need to be glued with care to make sure that everything lines up. I should have snapped pics of the formers but got way ahead of myself when I saw that everything fit as advertised.

    Next in line will be the cockpit interior. More pics to come :)
  2. Gil

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    What's the engine look like? I'm stalled on doing the pushrods and rocker arms on the Oberursel U1. Fuselage does look "hefty",

    Best, Gil

    P.S. Need a new Picture of the Week...,
  3. Bebok1

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  4. wunwinglow

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    Gil, you are obsessed.... But then, aren't we all?!!

  5. Gil

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    I like viciously tanacious...., more to the point.


    P.S. Bebok, very nice building job. What scale is the model and did you articulate the engine (does it rotate).

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